Doomsday Fraggle Rock

What Fraggle Rock would look like after the apocalypse…


Can anyone think of a good reason why I wrote this? Because I did. This and only this. A title and one sentence with ellipses at the end.

Also, is this a thing I should try and think out and like, write a script for? Is this a million dollar idea? It kind of feels like one in my gut. But, my gut is also really into that fake nacho cheese you get at football game concessions stands so I don’t know that we want to put a lot of stock in it.

9 thoughts on “Doomsday Fraggle Rock

  1. Dana says:

    Actually, there are mostly caves and rocks in that show, right? No houses or buildings? So, it all ready looks like they all fell down during some catastrophe, like the apocalypse.

  2. Scriblet says:

    I say write it! I’d love to know what Fraggle Rock would look like post-apopcalypse. Do they live under a radioactive leaf pile? Maybe they’re poisonous to zombies! Ohhhh yes! I love that idea!

    Please keep us (at least me) posted about this story development.

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