You Aren’t Useless If You’re Watching Good TV

Last week, Captain Thoughtful was out of town at a conference for 3 days so I made a to-do list of everything I needed/wanted to get done while he was gone.

1. Start packing up our apartment

2. Make a dentist appointment

3. Get my hair trimmed

4. Work out for an hour every day

5. Eat healthy


Here is what I actually did.

1. Watched every episode of “Call the Midwife”

2. Ugly cried through most of the episodes of “Call the Midwife”

3. Ate Whataburger

I would lament my uselessness a lot more if “Call the Midwife” wasn’t such good TV. I’m pretty sure you can’t be completely useless if you’re watching good TV.


39 thoughts on “You Aren’t Useless If You’re Watching Good TV

  1. Call the Midwife is a wonderful beautifully heart wrenching show and I completely understand. Watched the whole thing in about a week…! It’s great TV so you should definitely not feel useless!

  2. Do you feel like you are desperately waiting to find that someone else has told your story in their words better than you ever would have in yours every time you watch TV?

  3. I have a blogger question for you… So I went to a seminar last night and met an amazing guy with a very unique and influential story. I would like to write a blog about him. Do I need to ask his permission to write a blog post about him? Any advice would be nice. Thanks!

  4. I was supposed to be packing up my apt but instead I found the full movie version of “The Family Stone” on YouTube (not sure how that happened) and splotchy sobbed my way through it. It was heaven.

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