And Then I Turned Into A Pile of Love Mush

Y’all, do NOT recharge your old phones, because when you do, you will find all the texts messages your now husband sent you when you first started dating and you will relive your entire relationship and you will turn into a pile of love mush.

I know this because it happened to me last night. Basically, my old blackberry is like a love time-machine and it took me back to the days of 2011 when I met Captain Thoughtful and he sent me a text referencing Sydney Carton and I knew I was a goner if he was using literature to woo me. And then I turned into a pile of love mush. He literary wooed me y’all. He is my perfect match in every way and has never once judged me when I yell a spell from Harry Potter at the television screen.

See? I’m all a-mush.

26 thoughts on “And Then I Turned Into A Pile of Love Mush

  1. How innocent, how ordinary, do such early text messages look! Who is to tell that they contained memories yet to be made of log cabins, toasted marshmallow and babies? For these are the things of true joy. Be careful, then, what text messages you read and keep, for they hold promise of wondrous things.

  2. I reluctantly retired my Blackberry when it ceased to fully function. But like you I have memories on board. So I thought I’d give you this bit of hope. It still works with a Wi-Fi connection. (Not the phone bit.) So if you make the time you can transfer some of the love notes via the internet. Maybe print some off on fancy paper and throw it in a scrap book. πŸ™‚

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