I Might Take Centaur’s Too Seriously

On my way to work, I saw bumper sticker that said “My Other Car Is A Centaur.”

Most people would smirk or roll their eyes and never think of it again. I’m not most people. This was my thought process:

That is so disrespectful. Riding a Centaur is a privilege. They don’t let just anyone ride on them and then only in dire emergencies. Centaurs aren’t just pets you can keep in a stable like a common horse – they’re half people. They have feelings. Majestic is what they are. Kingly. Prophetic. Not even to be compared with a car, it’s scandalous!

Also, they’re mythical……..so, I probably shouldn’t be so bothered….should I be bothered that that bothered me though? Like, maybe my reaction to that needs to be evaluated by a professional. Oh! A new breakfast taco stand!

If I’m being honest, a lot of my more bothersome thoughts end with breakfast tacos.


17 thoughts on “I Might Take Centaur’s Too Seriously

  1. That made me actually laugh out loud! Don’t worry, I don’t think you’re crazy. Overthinking hypothetical situations once in a while is probably healthy. Breakfast tacos on the other hand are not so healthy :p

  2. Nope. Your thought process was perfectly normal–even admirable. Centaurs deserve the utmost respect. Are they common mules, or man-made contraptions? Hell no.

  3. strokedtolife says:

    Riding on a Centaur is totally a privilege. Anyone with half a lick of sense knows this. Actually I second your reaction…..—see you at group tonight?

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