I’m Pretty Sure I Made This Happen.

Sunday night, I got it in my head that nothing would make me so happy as watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. But, alas, I could not find my DVD anywhere.

Then, I turned on the TV and it was just starting on ABC! The very movie I wanted to watch more than anything!

I’m pretty sure I made that happen.Β WITH MAGIC.

38 thoughts on “I’m Pretty Sure I Made This Happen.

  1. Last night I had to chose between this one or Jane Eyre. Sorry, I went with the latter, because crying is awesome 😦
    Happy New Year!

    Keep up the magic! I truly believe you have magic powers and can pass them to others. After al,l I was able to write my own destiny a few months ago thanks to your idea.

    1. Listen, you had a difficult choice to make. No one can blame you. I, myself, have chosen Jane Eyre over Harry Potter before. It’s all about what you need in the moment amiright? πŸ˜‰

      Thank you so much! I certainly hope your destiny is fulfilled this year!

  2. A great movie, good fun.

    In the rest of the world it’s the Philosopher’s stone. Changed to Sorcerer for Americans. Sure, philosopher sounds less magical… but it bugs me when words are changed for different countries… mostly because we never seem to get Australian words over here. I’m used to guessing/figuring out what a trunk/flashlight/s’more/twinkie etc is, the words are part of the culture. Can’t Americans do the same? (I know you and your readers not personally responsible, just a pet peeve of mine that I felt like sharing)

    1. I’ve read the British versions of all the books and didn’t have any trouble understanding them so, I don’t know why they changed it. Philosopher/Sorcerer, it’s all magic to me. πŸ™‚

  3. Steve says:

    Now that you have magical powers, other than making a Chili Cheese Burrito disappear, just don’t try to play Quidditch in your house…even if you are proud of your “damn cat-like reflexes.”

  4. deebeider says:

    I’ve accidentally set buildings on fire with my mind. Mostly schools that forced me to do pointless work— even did it once in the middle of a philosophy final (the test was postponed). MAGIC!

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