In Terms Of Luck, How Good/Bad Is This?

So, I’ve always heard that Ladybugs are good luck. And I think that’s probably true because at the least they don’t bite, sting, or eat your clothes. Ladybugs for the lucky win!

No fewer than 5 of these lucky ladybugs were discovered in my hotel room last week. Some people would have been bothered by this, I was not. I took it as a wonderful sign of happy things to come and caught them all so they could hang out together on the desk. Well, except for one. While I was trying to catch it, I kind of squashed it….

Do you think that totally negated the luck of the other 4?

Just in case, the next day, I helped 2 other ladybugs I saw on the sidewalk. They were alive but turned over on their backs and I helped them flip over. Does that make up for the squashing the night before?

I’m just trying to figure out where my luck stands here…..

Just chillin on the ice bucket
Just chillin on the ice bucket

41 thoughts on “In Terms Of Luck, How Good/Bad Is This?

  1. I have always had a soft spot of ladybugs…..they remind me of my grandfathers garden and he always used to tell me they are good luck and to handle them gently!

  2. One lady bug can consume 5,000 aphids so if you’re trying to grow a field of tomatoes then you’re definitely screwed. If I were you I would pray to the God of the lady bugs but be careful. When they are frightened they bleed from their knees. No chit.

  3. In terms of luck, I would say that you are doing pretty good.

    I am sorry I am the one to have to tell you this …. It may look like an innocent lady but it is more likely an asian beetle (an invading species that is invading in great numbers – honest, they are invading). They come indoors in the fall to survive.

    Unfortunately, the only way I know to tell the difference for sure is that the asian beetles stink and leave a nasty stain on the surface where you squish them.
    Lucky you … you did not squish them. šŸ˜‰

  4. Don’t feel too bad. Those look like Asian Lady Beetles, an invasive species that can bite, emit’s an odor much like cedar or rotted wood, invades and overwinters in home, and have no known pest control at this time. They’re not the sweet Ladybugs we used to play with as children … those only have a half dozen or so spots on them. I think your luck is excellent, none of them fell on you while in the shower. That is a real nuisance, lol!

      1. šŸ™‚ I’m not a Ladybug expert, just on that species which we have in abundance in Wisconsin. They’ve been an invasive problem for around 25 years now. I don’t know if it is confined to rural areas or not. I would love to see the lovely real Ladybug again instead of thousands of these little stinkers each fall looking for an over-winter in our homes. I feel sorry for anyone with a sunny concrete wall, they’re literally coated with them – if Hitchcock were still alive these could be one of his movie nightmares.

  5. You are definitely way ahead. Not only was the squishing an accident but you provided emergency response and first aid to the other two! Yes…good karma should be hovering around you all day šŸ™‚

  6. As the Bavarian proverb says: “A ladybug in a hotel room is worth two on the sidewalk.” You can do the math…but I think you’re fine.

  7. Oh dear. OK…so here’s what I’ve heard…that the red ones are very sweet but that the orange ones can actually “bite”…either way, I think you may have erased the bad karma with the good so you’re probably in the clear! šŸ˜‰

  8. “ā€œI have now lived a hundred and nine winters in this world and have never yet met any such thing as Luck.” -The Hermit, “The Horse and His Boy.”

  9. We used to get an infestation of ladybugs every summer growing up. I had an ex who swore we must be the luckiest people on the planet and wondered where we were hiding the bags of money we’d surely won by now. I think the luck of 4 ladybugs outweighs the bad luck of one! After all, it’s not like you killed a unicorn. šŸ˜‰

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