Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!

Thanksgiving is my very favorite holiday. The food is divine (thanks to my divine Mother) and there isn’t any pressure-fllled gift giving. It’s just food, football, and family. And I love it.


I am not unaware of the potential hazards of the holiday. Namely, the extreme hazard of getting involved in a controversial/emotional conversation with a family member. Basically, Thanksgiving can be a controversy obstacle course. In the past, I have pretty much comically tripped over every obstacle because, well, because I’m me. But, this year I’m prepared.

Any time anyone says anything remotely controversial, I will utter the Β following in a robot voice.

“I have registered your opinion and filed it in my memory banks. Please proceed to the next topic.”

Also, I’ll do the robot while saying that. I don’t think anyone will be able to continue on after that.

I just saved Thanksgiving y’all.


30 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!

  1. I am totally stealing this. Every Christmas, after an obscene amount of wine, one of my parents inevitably makes me cry by backing me into a high-octane conversation about how “naive and idealistic” all of my choices are. But this year will be different because I’ve got the robot in my corner.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! I’m Scottish so obviously don’t celebrate it but I would be thankful for a big turkey dinner today. I have to wait until Christmas. Also, I love Friends Thanksgiving Episodes … More Turkey Mr Chandler. Enjoy! xx

  3. Sorry, rude of me, have a Glorious Thanksgiving and there are traditional Thanksgiving gifts exchanged, soft smiles, warm hugs and the peaceful glow of love shared.

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