My Chili Cheese Burrito Quest Continues

When I found my first chili cheese burrito (CCB) at a random Taco Bell in Ft. Worth, Texas, I thought my great CCB quest had come to an end. After all, I had found what I was looking for, right?


I will never stop wanting the CCB, and so, my quest continues. In every city I visit, I will try to find you CCB, I will never stop looking. Never.

And I did find you again CCB, this time in Kansas City Missouri.



2 of those were mine….or all of them. Listen, this isn’t a place a judgement, ok? This is a place of acceptance. And I wholeheartedly accept my love of the chili cheese burrito. WHOLEHEARTEDLY.

35 thoughts on “My Chili Cheese Burrito Quest Continues

  1. I will believe your quest is genuine when you have found YOUR hot sauce and carry a bottle with you, that should you chance upon that CCB, the one true CCB, you’re ready.

      1. Try to find a bottle of “Jump Up and Kiss Me”, has marvelous character (not incredible heat). The best judge of a hot sauce is put a dab on eggs and enjoy the flavor.

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