Cool Cool

On the flight home from MO on Sunday, I witnessed some grade-A awkward flirtation and the death of a word.

Guy: So….are you from here?

Flight Attendant: No, I’m based out of Chicago. 

Guy: Cool cool. (long pause) Where in Chicago?

Flight Attendant: By the airport. 

Guy: Cool cool. (long pause) Where are you staying here? 

Flight Attendant: By the airport. 

Guy: Cool cool. 

Flight Attendant: Are you here for work? 

Guy: Yeah, just for a few days. 

Flight Attendant: Have a nice trip. 

Guy: So… you know much about things to do in Austin? 

Flight Attendant: Not really, we aren’t here for long. 

Guy: Cool cool. So, you’re staying close? 

Flight Attendant: Mmmhmmm

Guy: Cool cool. I think I’m staying downtown. 

Flight Attendant: Oh. 

Guy: Cool cool. 

So, if you’re wondering who killed the word “cool”, it was that guy. He beat it to death trying to flirt with a flight attendant. RIP “Cool”.

41 thoughts on “Cool Cool

  1. Distinguished Malcontent says:

    It may seem like he was bad at flirting, but he was actually using a hypnotic induction technique. By repeating the phrase “cool, cool,” he put her in to a trance that made her subconsciously drop her inhibitions and obey his every suggestion. So while it looked like she rejecting him, she was, in fact, PRETENDING to reject him while mentally preparing to meet him later at her place “near the airport.” That man is a master of psychological manipulation.

    No, I’m kidding. He’s really bad at flirting.

  2. Perhaps the flight attendant should’ve responded like Cordelia?
    “Cool.” Look it up. It’s something that a sub-literate that’s repeated twelfth grade three times has, and you don’t.”

  3. That is certainly cringe-worthy. That’s probably not the first or last time that flight attendant will have to endure such an eloquently cool conversation. 🙂

  4. Yeah, he killed “cool, cool” but that flight attendant – wow! She is very skilled at the polite, non-committal effective way of dealing with unwanted attention. Impressive.

  5. Ouch. Poor guy. He probably kicked himself for that afterward. We guys know it’s happening sometimes, but we just can’t help ourselves. The first time I talked to my wife, my eyebrows kept jumping up and down making these kind of physical exclamation points while I was speaking. She claims she didn’t notice.
    Thanks for the fun post. I totally love hilarious overheard conversations.

    1. I’m sure your wife found it charming. 🙂

      And I, myself, was a HORRIBLE TERRIBLE NO GOOD FLIRT. Basically, flirting for me consisted of smiling and then running away to find a closet to hide in, so I give this guy props.

  6. Steve says:

    Cool, great heads-up on how not to flirt; I’ll have to remember this for my next flight to Austin. There is another down(er) side to this tail; if I we use the term cool now that it’s dead, would using it invoke zombies? Can zombies make it through airport security…when TSA says remove your shoes, do their feet come off? Boy, your post has opened a Pandora’s Box…cool.

  7. Rosie Baillie says:

    Haha brilliant, I feel like I was there watching it myself. He killed a word and didn’t get the girl, an all round disappointing flight for that chap then.

  8. So, do you think it worked out for them? I’m guessing ‘no.’ It must’ve been killing you inside while he was killing cool! I’m dying to know if you were groaning or LOLing. I think I would’ve burst out laughing.
    Great post!

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