16 thoughts on “Here Is A Thought On A Friday

  1. In Ireland we don’t have the Country music scene. Instead we have ‘Trad’ music. Bodhráns, fiddles, flutes and all. In nearly Every Single Pub.

  2. Groundhog Day would be far preferable, that would mean that you would have some influence on the outcome. The CMA is shown every third day for 9 months, a new program is shown on the 11th; thus allowing some fans to cry often, others to cheer and get drunk, providing their idols fodder for the songs they will premiere at the new program.

  3. “I have detected,” he said, “disturbances in the wash.” …
    “The wash?” said Arthur.
    “The space-time wash,” said Ford. …
    Arthur nodded, and then cleared his throat. “Are we talking about,” he asked cautiously, “some sort of Vogon laundromat, or what are we talking about?”
    “Eddies,” said Ford, “in the space-time continuum.”
    “Ah,” nodded Arthur, “is he? Is he?” He pushed his hands into the pocket of his dressing gown and looked knowledgeably into the distance.
    “What?” said Ford.
    “Er, who,” said Arthur, “is Eddy, then, exactly, then?”
    -Douglas Adams.

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