Here Is A Thought On A Friday

I got a nice long massage the other day and it became apparent to me about halfway through it that maybe I don’t know how to relax, because while I was supposed to be relaxing and basking in the zen of it all, I was compiling a list in my head of all the people I have disappointed in the last few years. That’s not relaxing right? Is it? I don’t even know.

29 thoughts on “Here Is A Thought On A Friday

  1. My mind tends to wander off the tracks in moments that are supposed to be relaxing and I had a revelation, I didn’t know how to relax. These “ways to relax” such as a massage, sitting in the park, etc. are meant to help those who have forgotten to relax. We all think “relaxing” is to sit down and not think about anything but it’s the opposite- it’s time away from distractions to soul search. How you thought about who you disappointed was absolutely correct, it is what your mind needed in order to heal your inner guilt. I hoped this help, and welcome to self healing and relaxation.

  2. lornalikiza says:

    yeah, i also find myself not quite knowing how to reeeaaally relax. i tend to get so pressured with school and work and the people around me such that i find myself going over and over it in my head even when i’m supposed to be just unwinding.At times, i listen to music, not very loud. if i do it 1 hr straight i somehow feel a little less tense. Other times i put very warm water in a bucket and dip my legs into it. After a while, i start feeling relaxed and i can even sleep better at night. Probably you could try that.

  3. I hope you don’t continue to give energy to your list of disappointments. In the end it is only YOU who needs to approve of YOU. (It just hit me writing this that I need to take my own advice)

  4. I think a surprisingly large number of people don’t know how to relax. I struggle with it. I wish it was taught to everyone at school or something. ABC in the morning, relaxing in the afternoon.

  5. durhampa says:

    Try to focus on all the GOOD you do. I’m sure you try to see the positive in others… you should do it for yourself. You most definitely deserve it!

  6. I do this all the time. I also often take too long “trying” to be in the moment that I’m really not in the moment at all. Before I know it I’m over-analyzing and working up unnecessary anxiety over a non-existent concern. I think the simple similarity between your example and mine is that somewhere at the bottom of all that we just don’t find ourselves worthy of the pampering we’re receiving and we are somehow trying to punish ourselves. So, in order to correct that thinking: forget that mess! I want to enjoy a back rub when I get one. Here’s to letting go!

      1. Next time you go for a massage, maybe try to go into yoga breathing mode just before and continue it through the massage. See if that works. Also, if you do a meditation before the massage you will sift through a lot of lingering thoughts so they won’t come up during it. The best thing to do is acknowledge when a thoughts comes, work through it then let it go knowing you’ve given it the attention it wanted.

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