This Would Change My Life.

On my way back from NYC last week, I was flipping through a SkyMall (because frankly, that shit cracks me up), when I found something that would CHANGE MY LIFE.

A Harry Potter magic wand remote control.

Just think of all the spells I could cast! Anytime someone that I didn’t like came on TV, I would be like “Petrificus Totalas!” and it would freeze the screen (pause it). OR, if I was watching a History Channel special on Hitler, I would be like “Avada Kedavra!” and then I would have KILLED HITLER. (aka, turned off the TV).

I need this wand in my life so bad y’all.

32 thoughts on “This Would Change My Life.

    1. I can only assume that Professor McGregor and Captain Thoughtful have been holding out on us, in an effort to make this Christmas the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER for both of us. Perhaps they are in cahoots? They’re totally cahooting.

  1. Rosie Baillie says:

    That is so awesome, my Dad’s going to the US later this year. If he doesn’t come back with one of these I’ll be disappointed.

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