I Don’t Know What My Name Is.

So, I’m in the purgatory process of changing my last name to Captain Thoughtful’s and my middle name to my maiden name. AND THEN THE GOVERNMENT SHUT DOWN. Which means, the social security administration currently has my passport and marriage license, and it’s going to stay there until the government re-opens.

WHICH MEANS I DON’T KNOW WHAT MY NAME IS RIGHT NOW. Because everything I have in my possession (drivers license, social security card, etc.) has my maiden on it – BUT- if they had already processed my name-change paperwork, because it had been there for about 2 weeks before the shut down, then LEGALLY, my name has changed but they were’t able to send me my new social security card before things got shut down and so I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT MY NAME IS.

So basically, this keeps happening….

Customer Service Representative: Hi, can I have your name please?

Me: Which one? I can give you the name on my drivers license but I’m in the process of getting a name change and therefore a new drivers license but the government shut down and now I’m not sure what’s going on with my paperwork.

Customer Service Representative: Yeah, I can’t help you. You can’t reserve hotels, flights, or anything right now. YOU HAVE NO LEGAL NAME. No one can help you.

Me: I know.

53 thoughts on “I Don’t Know What My Name Is.

  1. Sarah says:

    Yea i just got married a month ago, and recently realized i cant change my name yet. At least i dont have your problems. That sucks!

  2. Reblogged this on Beyond Apple-cheeked Pascal Clots and commented:
    As you know, many people are ranting about the government shutdown. I bet you’ve read some blog posts on who’s to blame and all that balderdash. Usually, I’m not into things related to the government and politics, but I stumbled upon this interesting post, which really caught my eye. Though, I’m not sure why. Check it out:

  3. Wow, that’s crazy. I never even thought of that. I really don’t understand why we continue to allow the government to do this to us. Can we have a recall election for the entire Congress?

  4. I enjoyed this it’s interesting to read about the American government shutdown from another country and to get the perspective of the people going through it as opposed to just what we are told by the news

  5. Wow that’s quite a pickle. Does this mean you can go forth, pillage and plunder without ramifications? Perhaps you should take on the name: Congress Fail

    1. You know, I hadn’t thought about it that way, but you’re right, this is a perfect opportunity for pillaging. Except, I’m 100% sure I would be the worst pillager ever. Shoot. What a wasted opportunity.

  6. We cannot understand what the American government is up to right now in Australia except that it is always going to hurt the innocent ones. Dumb governments. Good luck in your quest to renaming yourself and I hope the gridlock ends for you soon.

  7. Wow! That sucks, but hey, look at it on the bright side, even though you can’t book things and legal stuff, you can have fun and chose to have a different name everyday until the situation is fixed! πŸ™‚

  8. Ouch. It never occurred to me that this piece of business would not be considered essential. I would say make the flights in your maiden name, use the license as ID. You aren’t; the first person to change their name… when you get your new passport, etc, you can demonstrate why the license and the passport are different, and don’t change that license until you have flown everywhere you used your maiden name to book! Complicated. This whole thing stinks for so many reasons, and now I know another one. Wish Congress would put on it’s big girl panties and get the job done.

    1. Good plan – except the flights had already been booked with my new name since they aren’t until December and January. Hopefully, this will all get sorted by then…..

      And yes, Congress needs to get this shit handled.

      1. oh, what a mess. I guess you will have to see what happens with a license and a marriage certificate, because I see nothing on the news that indicates this will ever be over.

  9. You are what you are… No one can change that… Only you…
    Concerning your ‘plastic IDs’ is just how the world can know you… i.e., what you defined to show, no matter what you chose for that purpose (a book, a star, a web site or whatever).
    Hope everything goes right for you πŸ™‚

  10. Ouch, that’s a harsh response. I’m sorry you’re in name-change purgatory. I have a friend who just got married who’s in the same situation. 😦

  11. CB says:

    Aww, you are in purgatory! That stinks. Hope it gets all figured out soon. Makes me wonder how many others are out there in your same predicament. Hmm…

  12. CRGardenJoe says:

    What a great opportunity to become an international jewelry thief or anonymous commentator on lots of blogs!

  13. this really made me laugh at lough, because I’m doing the same right now, so when I answer the phone at work sometimes it goes like “My Name is um… (1-2 seconds deep-thinking pause) ‘one of the names’, how can I help you?” and my colleagues just have to lough every time when I need to think about which name it is and how do you pronounce it correctly, so that I need even longer to decide…

    I image how hard it must be, when the government is shut down ?!?… Stay strong, my dear girl, this purgatory won’t last forever (i hope) πŸ™‚

  14. Oh wow. Hearing about the Gov’t shutdown up here in Canada, we can only imagine the muck that gets stirred up. Hope it all works out soon (hugs)

  15. “I cannot tell what the dickens her name is.” William Shakespeare, “Merry Wives of Windsor,” edited slightly for the correct pronoun. πŸ™‚

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