There Was A Flaw In My Math

Remember how I used my sweet math skills and love of gin to overcome my fear of flying? Well, there may have been a slight flaw in my math. Shocking, I know. The variable I failed to consider was work trips. I dont have to take them often so it’s an understandable oversight, right? Regardless, I am flying to NYC today and heading straight for a work event as soon as I land and I’m guessing the smell of gin on my breath might send a bad message. My genius failed to account for this. So, anyone else have any bright “conquering your fear” type thoughts? An odor-less gin recipe perhaps?

9 thoughts on “There Was A Flaw In My Math

  1. what, you don’t want to get *that* kind of a reputation at work? I have no suggestions about fighting your fear of flying. I don’t like flying, but it’s more due to an overly sensitive stomach than anything else. Music, teddy bear? non-non-drowsy allergy or cold medication shortly before your flight – better to show up tired to a work meeting than drunk? good luck 🙂

  2. blowingoffsteamandmore says:

    Borrow a kid so that all of your attention is focused on keeping it happy/quiet? I used to be terrified of flying but now with two kids under 6 I am so busy I barely notice what is happening around me. Worth a try…

  3. Well, you could also take Dramamine or something that will put you to sleep. 🙂 That’s what my mom did on her first flight, because she gets sick and was afraid to fly.

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