These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

I’m a fan of things that multi-task, especially with beauty products.  If something only does one thing, then I assume it’s lazy and lacks ambition. (I’m looking at you perfume)

So, when I got SkinFare Verdant Remedy Coconut Oil Stick, I gave it a hearty handshake of approval and offered it a job as my full time must-have beauty product. And it took the job y’all. It took the job.

I use it….

  • On my lips as a lip balm
  • On my pressure points as aroma therapy
  • On my hair when it gets frizzy
  • If I get a bug bite
  • On my bacon-grease burns (and the scars are definitely fading)
  • On my face as a moisturizer on the go
  • As a perfume of sorts because I love the smell but this stick doesn’t have the lazy attitude of a normal perfume

Also, it’s $10. And it does all these things, for $10. And it’s natural, which is important to me because I believe when you use natural products chipmunks and bluebirds and baby rainbows find happy homes. (Not a popular belief, I’ll admit, but I think it’s catching on)

I’m not getting paid for this, I just like it. And you should like it too, because baby rainbows need homes y’all.


33 thoughts on “These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

    1. I’m not sure. It’s worth a try though, I know someone who used it on her baby bump her whole pregnancy and she had nary a stretch mark when it was all over. That could just be good genes though….

  1. I must try to track this down. Totally agree with you on multi tasking products. I can do several things at once (well at least I tell myself that), I expect my products to do the same!

  2. Andrea says:

    I actually buy Trader Joe’s coconut oil (the kind you can also use for cooking) for $5 a jar and use it in the same ways you outlined here. As a lotion, hair product, burn relief, lip balm. Highly recommend it!

    1. I am a huge coconut oil fan! In fact, these sticks use mostly coconut oil. I use the pure stuff as a makeup remover, but I like this better for a lip balm as it’s a little less melty.

  3. Steve says:

    While you may have found a wonderful product, we should remember to give perfume its due; particularly this past year. For example, Demeter Fragrance Library’s Zombie for Him and Zombie for Her were, according to MSN, ” designed to evade zombie detection (and dismembering) by masking your warm, spring-fresh, undead scent with the aroma of dried leaves, mushrooms, mildew, earth, moss and, for the ladies, dregs from the bottom of the wine barrel.” Obviously the product worked and we avoided a zombie apocalypse. Thank you perfume (and the brave people who wore it)!

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