Things Got Intense At Chipotle

Last week, at Chipotle, I was picking up my togo order and the lady next to me in line looked in my Chipotle bag.

She looked in it. She knew it wasn’t hers and she still looked in it.

And then I was like “Don’t come at me like that lady at Chipotle! Back away from my burrito bowl!”

Also, she totally made a face when she looked in my bag, which makes no sense, because you can’t even see what I ordered. How are you going to judge that? You can’t lady at Chipotle, you can’t. So, maybe stop spying on people’s Chipotle orders.

So, I have two questions.

1. What’s up with that?

2. Why did this bother me so much?

54 thoughts on “Things Got Intense At Chipotle

  1. kamrynwhowanders says:

    It’s like those things they put on the side of the Chipotle bag, where they very seriously warn you to guard the burritos with your life and not let them out of your sight because people can’t handle the awesomeness

  2. nobsj says:

    Haha I definitely feel the general disregard for personal boundaries. A few weeks ago I was waiting on a sandwich line with the eight-year-old I babysit, and some guy came right up to me and pointed at my recent surgical scar and said, “Did this girl scratch you?”

    1. Personal space, rudeness, etc.
    2. Literally where did that assumption come from?
    3. Actually though, wut

  3. In India we say that if anybody has been totally looking and peering at your food than surely your foods being jinxed and that you will get a weird food poisoning of some sort but then that was once upon a time and when we believed and were too much steeped in the class system but anyways hope your food was good and you survived the after effects πŸ˜›

  4. Most of us have an expectation of privacy. Yours was violated. When I used to teach sociology, I had an assignment for my students to violate a minor social norm (general social expectation of “politeness”) and write up the reaction they got and why they think they got that reaction. The examples I gave to give them ideas were: talking to yourself on an elevator (makes people really uncomfortable) and looking in someone’s grocery cart or commenting about what they put it (when something is in your cart, you consider it your property even though you haven’t paid for it yet–you get possessive and defensive about it).

    I think that’s what happened to you. They woman violated a social norm. You are not supposed to be nosy about other people’s food choices. It makes you feel self-conscious and violated.

    End of sociology lesson! πŸ˜‰

  5. i would have flipped! and not handled it as quietly as you. in London they have “personal space” areas painted on the ground around atms so people don’t get too close to you when you’re entering your pin or withdrawing money and i’ve always thought that they should introduce them in other areas of life such as in line at the grocery store, on public transportation, and now at places like chipotle. the real fun comes in when people ignore the boxes and stand far too close to you and you get to say things to them such as “excuse me, can you grab me the twenty from my back pocket seeing as you’re closer to it than i am” or ” do you want to hump my ass here in line or should we go get a room?”

  6. I don’t know the answers to your questions. I DO know that I’m glad she did it so that I could read about it, and then share this gem with you, which will hopefully have you rethinking what to say to her… or at least, HOW to say it:

  7. mumblesmcjenkins says:

    Dud you not order chips and guacamole with your bowl? Guacamole snobs can be pretty judgmental when it comes to that.

      1. mumblesmcjenkins says:

        Well, there you go. She just assumed you were an avocado exclusionist. It happens all the time.

        True fact: The Defenestration of Prague was actually caused by a person saying they really didn’t like tomatoes on their sandwich all that much.

  8. Food is such a private and controversial thing. I have always hated people looking at what I am eating or judging me. That makes sense that you would be bothered. She intruded into your stuff.

  9. blowingoffsteamandmore says:

    Maybe she wasn’t even there to pick up an order! Maybe she just stands there smelling and looking at other people’s food hoping that someone will offer her a burrito?! It could happen.

  10. This made me laugh so hard. And I’m totally with you on this! Spying on someone else’s take out order definitely breaches some time of social boundary.

  11. Because some weirdo stranger kinda almost sorta touched your food. It’s maybe silly, but all the servers could hold that bag and I’d be fine. Let one customer lay a finger on it, and it would immediately feel contaminated to me. Also it was not hers and she knew it. She may as well have been rifling through your purse.

  12. Maybe it was her first time there, and to her you looked like a woman who knew what was good to eat, and she was too shy to ask you for your wise Chipotle guidance. So she decided to take a peek at your bag, only to see that she couldn’t see what yumminess you ordered so she made a face. And…that’s all I can come up with at the moment. πŸ™‚

  13. Very strange. Maybe she has mental health issues or strange compulsions to check out people’s orders at chipotle? Or maybe she enjoys being very judgmental about people eating habits and feels superior seeing that people eat giant burritos?

  14. WTF? Did you say anything to her? Without even thinking I’m sure I would have blurted out something obnoxious. She’s obviously deranged. Nobody who isn’t deranged looks in SOMEONE ELSE’S CHIPOTLE BAG.

    It would have bothered me too, and I’m not sure why other than it’s an obnoxious and stupid thing to do. And deranged.

  15. Why did it bother you? Probably a primal hunter gatherer thing. You hunted and gathered it, (also known as placing an order and, I presume, paying) so now you have to defend it from other predators. Normal reaction I’d say, because biting her is a bit too primal for modern life …

    Why did she do it? Maybe the blog gods were just giving you new and unexpected material. She was just a pawn in the blog gods’ hands. She was pulling a face because she had no idea why she was doing it herself – they were just manipulating her like a puppet!

  16. It’s true, what’s up with that?

    But here’s the deal. I think, if you’re like me, you find a story in everything. I see a story in that. Like, why would it be any of your concern, lady? Do you wish you had what I’m having? When you were a little girl, did you wish you had a bag of food like mine? Or do you think I’m very beautiful and you think that by having a bag like mine, you will also be very beautiful?

    And it goes on.

  17. 1. She was unhappy with her own order and had burrito bowl envy.
    2. She invaded your space and privacy. I would have asked if she wanted it since she was scoping it out and in front of her, and insisted on a new order because this random lady just got her germies all over your order. Just to make her feel uncomfortable…cuz that’s how I roll. =P

    1. I’m a huge fan of making situations more awkward than they already are, but in this case, I think I was too stunned to respond! Also, she should be jealous because my burrito bowl is the!

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