Bug Guts Guilt

Every time I drive through a large mass of bugs and their guts get all over my windshield, Β I feel so guilty. I mean, I’m a people and they’re a bug and my life is probably so much more awesome than theirs because I have fingers and toes and a bigger brain, and sure they can fly, but I probably won’t end up with my guts all over someone’s windshield, so, yeah, it really does seem very unfair of me to make their lives worse by smashing into them with my car.

Sorry bugs, if I could have avoided you, I would have.

Is this a thing anyone else ever feels or am I alone in my bug gut guilt?

35 thoughts on “Bug Guts Guilt

  1. ahahahaah I fully understand this feeling of giulty, I always feel like you, but after a few minutes I forget it and I continue what I was doing before.
    It’s normale, I know, but it make me feel a hypocrite… This our sense of superiority and legitimate…

  2. nugu says:

    I feel most guilty to ants.
    They shouldn’t swarm in my doughnut.
    They just looking for some food but die for nothing 😦

  3. I think the bugs that get splattered by cars/trucks are doing it on purpose. They are nearing the end of their life span and deciding to go out with style and with a big splat. When I see a splatter and it’s impressively squishy and gross, I say “Yah! Nice one!”

  4. Mich-in-French says:

    For those bugs I have squished may you rest in peace….it only ever ‘bugged’ me after i watch the Bee movie…but fortunately I still sleep at night

  5. You are not alone! Just yesterday, I was feeling guilty about killing two tiny ants with whom I didn’t want to share the crumbs of the scrumptious toast with avocado I had for dinner last night.
    Don’t feel guilty, when a bug bugs you, it has to go. πŸ™‚

      1. hahahaha plain old tiny ants…the ones that come into your kitchen looking tiny and harmless, but if you let them in, they see every crack in your kitchen tiles as a luxury apartment and take over your kitchen counters. So as I see it, I prevented an ant invasion of apocalyptic proportions πŸ˜€

  6. Dana says:

    I thought it was odd that I felt sorry for the last grape in the bunch, that I didn’t eat because it was too mushy. Poor little fella, left out, all by himself. 😦

  7. Spastic Sausage says:

    Birds – yes, gophers – yes, bugs – no. I’m not sure why I am discriminatory on this point but I’m going to go with “bugs are gross” and if I wasn’t slaughtering them en masse with my vehicle, I’d be resorting to physical violence. With the exception of bees and pretty butterflies. I do get butterfly guilt.

  8. They give prizes to the cars with the most hit bugs in northern Minnesota. Think of it as a strange kind of artwork or your mission to hit as many as possible to save your fellow humans from bug bites. (Just leave a few for the birds) πŸ˜‰

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