Happy Birthday Captain Thoughtful!

Today is Captain Thoughtful’s birthday and as agreed upon I must say “Pop” instead of “Soda” today as agreed upon in our pre-nup. Just kidding, we didn’t have a pre-nup we just had like a pre-marriage talk about how on on my birthday he has to say “Soda” and on his birthday I have to say “Pop”.

And now I’m thinking about the time we went to Ohio and the lady taking our order asked me what kind of “pop” I wanted and I literally had no idea what she was asking me. My first thought was “Hop on Pop? Like Dr. Seuss?” but I figured that was wrong and so I just turned to Captain Thoughtful and was said something along the lines of “Words that are English…..but I can’t comprehend….” and then he told her I wanted a Coca-Cola and I was like “OH! Pop is soda.” and everyone there looked at me like I made them sad.


Anyway, Happy Birthday Captain Thoughtful! I promise to order “pop” at dinner.

Also, I love you more and more every day. More and more than words can say.




32 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Captain Thoughtful!

  1. I had a similar experience but I was a small child alone in an airport somewhere in the mid-west and I was terrified and almost broke out of line and ran away. I just wanted my pizza. I didn’t want anyone to speak to me in a language I didn’t understand with a line of angry people behind me who were all in a hurry to get somewhere… I still feel anxious anytime I hear soda referred to in that dreadful way. I was all alone.

  2. You’re a good wife. I don’t think I could agree to saying that word. I lived in Michigan for a bit and I could never accept it.
    Happy Birthday, Captain Thoughtful!

  3. Happy Birthday, Captain Thoughtful!
    Hahahahaha. Love the pop vs soda thing. When I first moved to Canada, I was confused by the pop thing. I was like, WHOOOA! Canadians really ARE happy and carefree. They have popsicles with dinner. AWESOME!
    Now I LOVE pop and don’t wanna say soda any more, even though I’m back in The Bahamas and no one ever knows what I mean when I say pop. Haha. Here, pop is like a SLAP.
    “Stop it before I POP you!”

  4. Michelle says:

    Ha! Yes, in Cleveland no one (that’s from the area, anyway) says soda. I think if someone asked ME what kind of soda I wanted, I’d also have to stop and process what exactly “soda” was before answering. But, I think I’d get it 🙂

  5. So weird. I live in Ohio and I’ve never used the word pop. Always soda. Maybe a Cincy thing? Anyway, happy birthday to Captain Thoughtful. May your “pop” be ice cold today. (That felt weird even to write.)

  6. This is absolutely adorable. Tell him happy birthday! 🙂

    I am part of a Twitter chat where this is a weekly debate. Some people say pop, others say soda. (I am in the soda camp. Darn Californians, I tell ya.)

  7. Too funny. I too say “pop” I am an Illinois girl living in California and no one ever knows what I mean. However, to those who do understand, the use of “pop” outs me as Midwestern girl.

    Thanks for the post!


  8. I always thought “pop” was Canadian and “soda” was American. The first time I heard the term “soda,” probably on TV, I thought they were talking about soda crackers lol. Anyhow, I later found out that the two terms were regional in the U.S. No crackers involved.

    Happy birthday, Captain Thoughtful. It has been a pleasure getting to know you (through the Girl, of course). I’ve enjoyed your sweet love story. Blessings upon the both of you 🙂

  9. Steve says:

    I know that Captain Thoughtful will have a fantastic birthday because he has a magnificent, wonderful, beautiful birthday present, you….even if he does speak funny. P.S., know how you felt, as I too had a ‘what is a pop?’ situation.

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