Don’t Bring Up Koala Chlamydia At The Zoo.

I learned a lesson at the Cleveland Zoo, which was that if you bring up that fact that koalas have high rates of chlamydia while you’re at the zoo looking at some adorable koalas, people will accuse you of being a Debbie Downer.

Because no one wants to think of very cute koalas having decidedly uncute chlamydia. You might think you’re just sharing a fun fact and showing off how much knowledge you have about koalas but what you’re apparently doing is making people feel sad.

Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 11.12.51 AM

36 thoughts on “Don’t Bring Up Koala Chlamydia At The Zoo.

  1. spurloo says:

    Good to know, I would’ve thought that to be the perfect opportunity to talk about it. Thanks for the warning.

      1. spurloo says:

        People are so sensitive. This might be a good topic at the dinner table. I might try it.

  2. Sad or not, they still should’ve listened to you. I mean, you’re clearly an expert on this subject. You have all the…koalafications. 😀

  3. But, but… it’s like a PSA. “Learn this early, kidlings… Koalas may be cute as anything but they are not monogomous and they have unprotected sex and ***they have a serious chlamydia problem.*** Don’t have sex like Koalas (unspoken: or *with* koalas, in case that’s unclear)… And don’t assume “cute” equals “healthy” in a partner.”

    Important lessons learned,yo.

  4. While camel riding in Egypt the owner kindly informed us how all camels are born with syphalis… It’s hereditary apparently, they can’t help it.
    Help it or not it, no one wants something syphalitic between their knees…

  5. Mich-in-French says:

    Mmm. you know when your mom says at the dinner table that that was an over-share…well this could be one of those moments lol.

    On another corny note:
    I have nominated you for the Super Sweet Blogger Award – yes, it’s not the quirky one but it’s an award so who’s complaining…love your blog, love your humour – you deserve a shout -out – however corny and I am looking forward to your humourous response.
    Check out the award here and keep us smiling:
    Yours in laughter,

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