Girl On The Contrary- On A Diet

Day 1 of the Betty Rocker 30 Day Challenge was yesterday and I made it through! Yay! That’s like, half the battle, right?

I prepared for this challenge the way any true champion would, I had a weekend of french fries, nachos, and pizza. Because I’m a winner. Now, it’s all clean eating and planks and lunges and push-ups and also jello. Jello, as in, my arms and legs are apparently now made of it. One day of this and my bones feel liquified. Which means it’s working I think. 29 days to go y’all! We can do this thing!

In other news, I’m going to Ohio until next Tuesday so posts are going to be hiding under an invisibility cloak this week. Prepare yourselves for a full recount of Ohio shenanigans when I return. And for the record (that I assume elves are keeping) I will still be doing the Betty Rocker challenge in Ohio. While I’m on vacation. In Ohio. I should get a medal or something.


23 thoughts on “Girl On The Contrary- On A Diet

  1. Shawna says:

    I missed out on signing up for the 30 day challenge! Any way you can post the weekly workouts here or email them?

    Thank you

  2. Ohio is all about shenanigans. Seriously. Have fun and good luck! Inspire me, please – I’ve picked up a bit of a jelly belly and I suspect it’s from wine. Woe is me.

  3. shelbyd25 says:

    I pretty much got to the harry potter reference and decided i love you. Good luck with the diet also 🙂

  4. Love it whenever a writer references Harry Potter 🙂
    Made it through the first day – hooray! Props to you. Whenever setting any kind of goal, the initial movements are the toughest for me. Keep it up!

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