Girl On The Contrary- On A Diet

Remember how I’m on a diet? Yeah, I forgot too.

BUT- a recent picture of me next to a friend made me remember. Mostly because I looked like the giant fat roll monster who was about to eat her for a snack. So, I recently registered for the Betty Rocker 30-day Challenge.

First of all, her nickname is Betty Rocker. She had me at hello.

Second of all, in one of her other videos, Betty Rocker has the Captain America shield in her kitchen. Obviously, this is a woman I can trust.


What do you say? Want to do this with me? It’s free….and also BETTY ROCKER Y’ALL.

25 thoughts on “Girl On The Contrary- On A Diet

  1. Good luck GontheC! I’ll say this much…I’ve got 7 to lose and started the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred…now if only I can stay away from potato chips and late night snacking!!!!

  2. I am considering doing this with you.. Later on I will watch the video and decide if I want to do it or just continue to be fat and lazy!

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