Thanks Mom and Dad.

When I was 16 or so, I really really wanted to go to the Nickleback concert.

It’s true. Shameful, but true. I liked Nickleback. I liked them so much I was willing to part with 40 of my hard earned waitressing dollars, to see them perform live. Personally, I would like to chalk this up to the follies of youth. Also, I liked Creed. Feel free to point and laugh and me, but those bands both made a LOT of money so I know I’m not alone here. Alone in admitting it perhaps….

Anyway, I didn’t go to the Nickleback concert. Why? Because my parents were convinced that the band’s name was Nicklebag , which was a clear drug reference and the parents contrary don’t cotton to drug use y’all.

So, thanks Mom and Dad. Because I can honestly say I’ve never been to a Nickleback concert, which means all the cool kids at the coffee shop will still talk to me…for like 10 minutes until I reveal myself in all my uncoolness, but those 10 minutes of brief cool-adjacentness are all because of y’all.

26 thoughts on “Thanks Mom and Dad.

  1. Can’t say I ever got into Nickelback, but I might have owned a Creed CD or two. FWIW, a song like “Torn” isn’t nearly as bad as everybody makes it out to be.

  2. mairzeebp says:

    I’m going to put myself on the line here and admit that I too liked both of those bands. I liked them so much that I may, and I will not confirm this so please don’t ask, I may have once or twice did some karaoke as an homage. I know, I know, I should hide my head in shame but, if I did in fact karaoke, I may have gotten a standing ovation. Sure it may have been at the end of the evening while most folks were soaked in booze but, applause is applause. Now, I must go climb back under my rock but thank you for helping me feel less alone :).

  3. There is no shame in admiting you like those bands. If it’s any comfort I used to be crazy about Marilyn Manson in my teens and I did see him in concert without my folks permission. I regret nothing haha! Tho my musical taste has changed a lot since then.

  4. Hey, I still like both of the above bands, along with such other examples of music-snob favorites like Adam Lambert and Coldplay. “Photograph” is one of my absolute favorite songs, and probably always will be. I say, embrace inspiration wherever you find it, because the older you get, the harder it gets TO find it…

      1. American English on the Internet says:

        It’s my favorite too. It makes sense why I am following your blog:)

  5. I went to a Nickleback concert and my youth, actually I had a top night! I never got why all the cool people thought they were so uncool, but I guess that’s exactly why I am uncool!

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