Go Spurs Go!

Y’all I have a dilema. You see, I was wearing a particular shirt on Sunday when the Spurs beat the Heat, so I wore it again (recognizing the power of inanimate objects as I do) on Tuesday, but the Spurs lost. What the hell am I supposed to wear today???

This is Tim Duncan’s reaction to my lucky shirt not working.


And now a message from Patty Mills.

7 thoughts on “Go Spurs Go!

  1. I hate to point out the obvious… but, what else where you wearing when they won… because it wasn’t the shirt. I know you girls like to change your socks and underwear all the time… but sometimes you have to buckle down and do things that just aren’t your first choice if you want to help the team.

  2. Steve says:

    I guess no shirt would be somewhat inappropriate…then, it will distract the other team (in case the police ask what y’all are doing, tell them you have just participated in the Austin nude bike ride…oh, dang, that was on June 8th.) 🙂

  3. CRGardenJoe says:

    In loyalty to my daughter-in-law who is from San Antonio, I have been cheering for the Spurs. We (my wife, daughter-in-law and I) watched the 6th game in a hotel room in Encarnacion, Paraguay. I don’t recall which shirt I was wearing. At least maybe I can choose different pajama pants for game 7. Then again, if we end up going to a bar (which we might) to watch the final game, maybe pajamas aren’t the best choice of outfit ….

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