Basically, I’m A Mess.

I’ve been so uninspired lately y’all. It’s like every ounce of funny in my body is being sucked out by the vampire known as “full-time job”. Β And yesterday, while I was in the midst of a major suck-fest at my full-time job, I had to run to the bathroom, at which point I was able to look in the mirror for the first time since I had been at work.

My boob had popped out of my bra. No one saw it or anything, but I have no idea how long it had been since my boob freed itself from the confines of my bra.

Basically, I’m this person. Minus the pharmaceuticals. I’m this way NATURALLY. Also, less make up and apparently more boob.

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47 thoughts on “Basically, I’m A Mess.

  1. My boobs are too small to ‘pop’, but I definitely know what it’s like to have a new full time job and have my life ‘sucked out of me’. Happy to find your blog πŸ™‚ Thanks at the laugh …at your expense. πŸ˜‰

  2. Ha! I love that I accurately predicted exactly where that link was going to go.

    Now you’re just missing the meds. Or are you?

    I have so many boob-related work stories. And I mean actual boobs, not people who act like boobs. <—I have even more of those.

    Hang on there. And please tell your rogue boob to do the same.

  3. ok the very fact that you didn’t know your boob had been out of the bra is evidence of an excellent rack.. Congratulations. I would know the instant my boob came out of it’s harness.

  4. I just discovered your blog and read every entry for hours and giggled the whole time. Your an amazing writer and could write professionally if you tried. I hope you get your mojo back, I want to hear more from you. Full time jobs suck, hang in and keep your “jazz hands” out

  5. I’m willing to bed not even one coworker would have minded if both of them were out.
    Ah well this is what happends when you’re fully concentrated on what you do.

  6. You are so not alone – I’m right there with you! Thank you for making me laugh and uplifting what was starting out to be a craptastic day πŸ™‚

      1. WHy don’t you take a break. travel. meet you people. change of scene, lifestyle, new hardships, overcoming them always proves to be the best inspiration.

  7. i just chocked on my breast while reading this! On the brighter side of things, i had a colleague (lifeguard) once who had her boobs fall out of her bikini when she was rescuing a distress swimmer! Guess what, we ALL saw it! how embarrassing can tt get!

  8. I know it’s not the reaction you were going for but I really did giggle at the description of your bathroom discovery πŸ™‚

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