Here Is A Thought On A Friday.

I heard that sometimes the calamari you’re eating isn’t actually calamari but pig buttholes that have been seasoned to taste like calamari.

This in no way has detracted me from eating calamari.

But it did make me realize that “butthole” is a very funny word and will always make me laugh.


46 thoughts on “Here Is A Thought On A Friday.

  1. haha! this is one reason I appreciate street vendors here who grill up calamari in front of you, no question what it is, they slice it there.

  2. The first time my husband ate calamari was in the US with me on weekend date, he didn’t know what it was. When I told him he stared at me for a full minute and then said, “I just ate bait.”

    In the Bahamas they use squid for bait when fishing they don’t eat it. The men however eat the raw penis of the Conch as an aphrodisiac (don’t ask), so I don’t know why this was a problem.

    I think I won’t tell him he might be eating pig butthole rather than bait, he loves calamari now.

  3. I think this cannot be true! I certainly hope not. Don’t believe too much of what you read on the internet is probably a good motto.

  4. “Ron Weasley: Only time I’ve ever seen Dad as angry as Mum. Fred reckons his left buttock has never been the same since.
    Harry Potter: Yeah, well, passing over Fred’s left buttockβ€”
    Fred Weasley: I beg your pardon?”
    -Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

  5. It has very much detracted me from eating calamari. I will never look at it the same again. Something’s funny about “butthole” coming out of your mouth, yes, but not going in it.

  6. When we lived in Costa Rica, everybody said one of the local Chinese restaurants used rat in place of beef. To which I always replied, “That’s some pretty good rat.”

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