A Letter To His Excellency Lorne Michaels.

Your Excellency,

It has become public knowledge that the current anchor of Weekend Update, Seth Meyers, will be leaving your beautious kingdom of Saturday Night Live to pursue his fortunes in other and wilder lands of weekly late-night hijinks. Surely, he will be dearly missed and I think it best that we all take the summer to mourn this loss. However, come Fall, I think we should find hope in a new head knight of Weekend Update, Kenan Thompson.

I think I speak for everyone when I say, he would be spectacular. He is, oh so very very funny. His characters are always some of the best and he makes me laugh every time.

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 5.29.08 PM



Please consider this my fervent plea for Kenan Thompson to be the anchor of Weekend Update.

Humorsly yours,



* Please note that Kenan Thompson did not approve this message. Although, he didn’t not not approve it either.

14 thoughts on “A Letter To His Excellency Lorne Michaels.

  1. Surena says:

    OMG I totally agree with you! I loved him since All That and his characters have always been super entertaining. ❤

  2. Oh oh, I completely back you on this! Kenan would be perrrrfect.
    Though, I feel like any cast member would be an improvement on Meyers. Because, you know, none of them laugh at their own jokes and stuff. :l

  3. Hmm… Yes. I could see that. But I think it’d be fun to have a reality show spin-off where they all have to compete for the title. I’m curious about how the young new guy (who does the AMAZING Brad Pitt impression) would fare…

  4. I usually agree with you GotC, but this one…I just can’t. He is totes not funny! I mean I remember him from Kenan and Kel (!) and he wasn’t funny then. Then again, I havent sat and watched a full episode of SNL in over 2 years. Maybe he’s gotten funnier? Hopefully.

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