Sister Contrary Is A Baller.

I haven’t talked about my sister on this blog very much, mostly because I think I have humiliated/forced her to eat cat food enough for one lifetime, but y’all, I think it’s important for you to know that my sister is a baller. Maybe she’s so cool because of the ceaseless teasing and torture I inflicted upon her (lovingly) as kids. In fact, yeah, let’s go ahead and say that she’s as cool as she is because of me. Unfortunately, my plan of teasing her into coolness had a flaw, which is, she’s like LOTS cooler than me now, as proven over the weekend at a family dinner.

Sister Contrary: I want to live like a King and Queen with my husband. You know separate rooms, but he can like, come and visit my room whenever he wants, except after (note: she’s talking about after sex here ….) he has to go back to his own room.Β 

This girl is so cool. She said that in front of our Dad. Our Dad.


23 thoughts on “Sister Contrary Is A Baller.

  1. Where’s the like button. Isn’t there supposed to be a like button on these blogs. Curse you, it’s a trick to make me type, isn’t it?! *shaking fist*

    And I’m still typing. See this ish? Glutton—> Me.

  2. “Buffy: Spike, finish the story you were telling my little sister.
    Spike: Right, so I knew the little girl was in the coal bin so I ripped it open very violently… and gave her to a nice family where they were never ever mean to her and didn’t lock her in a coal bin.” -BTVS.

  3. Oh and just so you know, I LOVE your blog and I read all your posts πŸ™‚ Like a stalker. I don’t always comment because I either don’t want to say something completely lame or because I stay really busy and find just enough time to read and run. But you always put a smile on my face. Thanks for that!!

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