Girl On The Contrary- On A Diet.

Y’all. I have gained a LOT of happy weight since my wedding. Yay for the happy, boo for the weight, amiright? So, your girl is going on a diet, and like all things in my life, I’m going to chronicle it for laughs. Because that’s how I do.

A few nights ago, Captain Thoughtful and I went on the first of many long evening walks after dinner. We just moved into a new apartment that we were told had a walking trail around the entire complex. Perfect. Or so we thought. We started the trail right outside our apartment and walked about a quarter of a mile, then the “trail” got real dodgy, but we followed it anyway, then it turned into walking amongst the construction of the new buildings. Then, a security guard told us that we couldn’t walk back there and that if management knew we had, we would be evicted.

Lesson learned: Exercise will cause me to get evicted.

Diet rating: Cardboard crackers.

22 thoughts on “Girl On The Contrary- On A Diet.

  1. Ok, but if evicted you’d have to look and look for new place, pack and pack and move furniture, load trucks, unload, yada yada yada. All things that burn calories! And the stress of it? Diet help! Unless you are like me and eat when you are stressed… Don’t do that.

  2. Oh wow, that’s absurdly shady! I’ve never heard of threatening evictions for walking on an established trail (which, I presume, sported a notable lack of any “no tresspassing” signs). Epic fail for building management, yo.

  3. Spastic Sausage says:

    I feel your pain, although mine are just regular old pounds and not pounds of happiness. I’ll be right there along side you trying to make some changes myself πŸ™‚

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