This Is How GotC Does A Bad Day.

Yesterday was a bad day.

First, I had weird pseudo-nightmares about tornadoes. Then, I woke up late. Then traffic was really bad and I was late to work. Then work sucked the life-force out of me in a very brutal and possibly illegal kind of way. Then it started raining and hailing and I was like “My tornado dreams are coming true! I’m a psychic!” which is like a pretty profound and really heavy thought to have because you’re scared by both the tornados and the realization that you’re a psychic and holy hell your whole life is going to change! And then there was a lull in the rain and no tornados, so I was relieved because tornados are the worst (some day I’m going to have to tell you about the time I thought I was a witch and caused a tornado to happen) and also whew I’m not a psychic so like, less responsibility. Then, it took me 2 HOURS to drive about 15 miles and I wanted to start crying and then I really did scream to let out the frustration and then my throat hurt. Then, I finally got home and Captain Thoughtful ordered pizza for dinner which was really sweet but by the time it got to us, it was after 9pm and I was starving so I ate way too much and way too fast and then I threw up all the pizza. Then I went to bed because what’s the point and good grief amiright?

That’s how GotC does a bad day.

40 thoughts on “This Is How GotC Does A Bad Day.

  1. hate to say it… but it sounds like you’ve got a bunch of first world problems. a real world bad day might involve your bus breaking down on the way to work at the sweatshop.. and so on etc.

  2. Oh wow! Seems your dream was prophetic in a way, though not in the way you think. I dream about tornadoes a lot, or I used to. I started looking into dream interpretation and it has helped a lot. I no longer have nightmares, or not in the sense that everyone else does, anymore. Tornadoes in your dreams are like the sense that you have lost control, it’s pure chaos in your life, and it seems pretty true in that your day was pure chaos. I hope you don’t have many more days like that. By the way, you WERE kinda being psychic, though not about a literal tornado (thankfully), just about your day being as though one blew through. πŸ˜€ But don’t worry. Things are rarely as they seem. πŸ™‚

  3. In the interest of full disclosure, employers should be required to add “must be willing to have the life force sucked out of you in a brutal way” to most job descriptions.

    Sorry the day was lousy – hope this one is great!

  4. cooper says:

    Tornado dreams are all about chaos and turmoil – i had to look that up because i have them all the time…
    oh yum. pizza on the rebound.

  5. Dagny says:

    Oh GotC..! 😦 I am so sorry you aren’t psychic. I thought I could ask you to do some cool stuff for me. Now I’ll have to find someone else.

  6. I feel as if I’ve had nearly this specific bad day before. 😦 I’m sorry. Although realizing you might be psychic is kind of cool, not gonna lie. Hope today is better πŸ™‚

  7. “I’ve been having a bad, bad day,
    C’mon, won’t you put that pad away?
    I’m asking you, please, no!
    It isn’t right, it isn’t fair!
    There was no parking anywhere!
    I think that hydrant wasn’t there.
    Why can’t you let it go?
    I think I’ve paid more than my share!
    I’m just a poor girl, don’t you care?
    Hey, I’m not wearing underwear.”
    -the Parking Ticket song, “Once More, With Feeling.”

  8. Tammy says:

    My day sucked yesterday too, and we had pizza and I ate too much, but I didn’t throw up and so you win.
    Hope today is better.

  9. That sounds alarmingly similar to how I do bad days, too. The only difference is that I gorge on Thai food instead of pizza (I have a gluten allergy, so I’d totally do the pizza if I could) and then lie there with roiling nausea while cursing my lack of self-control when it comes to Pad Thai. :-/

    I hope today is much, much better, totally tornado-free, and that traffic is far less beastly!

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