Here Is A Thought On A Friday

Wouldn’t it be hilarious if when your server at a restaurant was clearing the table of all the plates and silverware, you just grabbed the knife on the table and were like “No. That’s ok. I’ll be keeping this.” ???

Seriously, that *would* be hilarious.

17 thoughts on “Here Is A Thought On A Friday

  1. I was in Mexico last week, heading to a particularly unpleasant meeting, and as I cleared up my room service tray the night before that was exactly my thought. I didn’t do it because I thought I might be seen as paranoid, but apparently not so much.

    Plus I had my Smith & Wesson tactical pen, so that was a source of comfort. (Google it if you don’t believe me).

  2. Blind Monkeyz says:

    I can just see the look on the waiter’s face, too. LOL Might have to actually try that some time. 😀

  3. I shall try that tonight! Expecting hilarity… through a couple other posts. You have an interesting voice and your humor translates well. Keep writing….I’ll keep reading….

  4. One restaurant reasonably near us has the same cutlery that we have at home. I could be genuinely confused one day and believe they’re stealing my cutlery from me. Of course for that scenario to make sense I might have to also believe the diners and waiters were all in my house. In which case I would have bigger problems than the cutlery. Perhaps I just shouldn’t go to that restaurant again.

  5. “Faith: “This is a thing of beauty, Boss.”
    “The Mayor: “Cost a pretty penny, so you just take good care of it. And be careful you don’t put somebody’s eye out with that thing. Until I tell you to.”
    -Faith Lehane and Richard Wilkins, BTVS. They’re big on knives, apparently.

  6. Omigod, that’d be awesome. I’ve been tempted to do something like that before — mainly when I’m clearly still eating my food and the server asks if they can clear my plate. While I pretend to be a civilized human being while politely saying “no, thank you, I’m still working on it,” I have this mental image of me hunching over my food possessively while giving the server some major side-eye and snarling like a caged animal. I obviously go for the civilized human being option, but I still think it’d be funny to see how they react to the latter.

  7. emmlaa says:

    I’m storing all your thought’s on Fridays’ in my refrigerator so they can be used on those days when I want to cause trouble. Honestly the best idea may have to try that when I next go out

  8. blitzpillager says:

    Not only would that be funny and awesome, but you could add to the excitement by bending the knife and saying….see look, why would you want it now, I own it….don’t make me own the plates and glasses too….oh my precious…Precious precious knife! 🙂

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