C’mon. Everyone Has To Think This Is A Bad Idea.

Have you heard about the uber-rich-fellow-of-riches (His official title..in my head) who is building a Titanic II???


Just let that sink in. Haha get it? *Sink* in. I didn’t even do that on purpose, I’m just naturally hilarious like that. But back to the matter at hand, the Titanic II is a really really terrible idea. It’s the terrible-ist. Remember the first one? IT SANK. People were killed, poor people were locked in steerage, Jack froze to death. I mean, why in the world would you want to build another one of those?

As someone who was profoundly and ashamedly effected by the movie and then who subsequently went on to research everything she could possibly find about the *actual* Titanic, I am horrified by this idea. It’s like flipping off Poseidon. Which, if memory serves, is EXACTLY what they did with the first Titanic by calling it “unsinkable”. Newsflash: Poseidon does not like to have his strength called into question. Doesn’t anyone have to take Greek Mythology anymore?

You could not pay me to get on that boat. Not that they’re doing that. You have to pay boatloads (haha get it- seriously this hilarity is just free flowing out of me)  to get a place on the Titanic II. And that is crazy y’all. For lots of reasons, but mainly, and I really can’t stress this enough, IT’S THE TITANIC. Except it’s more like Titanic: The Sequel- Lots More People Die: The Reckoning: Poseidon Is Pissed, which is a really long title and it’s common knowledge the longer the movie title the more tragedy there is. TRAGEDY PEOPLE.

I mean, c’mon. Everyone had to think this is a bad idea? Right? Amiright?

What I’m trying to say is- Check yourself before you LITERALLY wreck yourself. (I am on fire with the jokes today!)

42 thoughts on “C’mon. Everyone Has To Think This Is A Bad Idea.

  1. Well just think, maybe he and many of his odd friends will set sail and be lost at sea. Years later we will find them wandering the streets, talking about alien probes. There will be a monster movie.

    It will be cool. In the meantime, what a great way to cull the herd.

  2. “Danger walks the deck, we say what the heck
    We laugh at the perils we’re facing
    Every storm we ride is its own reward
    And people die by falling overboard
    People die by falling overboard!
    Hey ho, we’ll go
    Anywhere the wind is blowing,
    Hoist the sails and sing!
    Sailing for adventure on the big, blue wet thing!”
    -Muppet Treasure Island.

  3. Everyone does think it’s a bad idea! I’m from Australia (where Clive Palmer is from – the uber rich dude wanting to rebuild the Titanic) and this guy is the biggest joke. Last year he was talking about how a political party here is liaising with aliens…. And the CIA

  4. I’m out here at sea, and I don’t even DARE watch Titanic The Movie! Neptune is mean when you taunt him. This is a bad bad idea and I want no part of it!

  5. That sure sounds like a bad idea.
    But there are people who like to most unlikeliest things.
    will go as much as to say Titanic II cannot sink because of so and so…
    We will just have to wait and see 🙂

  6. When i heard about this, I, too, thought this was a really bad idea. Maybe I’ll take the SECOND trip across the ocean.

    Then again… I’ll probably only be able to afford accommodations in steerage… okay, I’ll pass.

  7. So it’s actually setting SAIL? I could see them trying to make, like, a floating hotel out of it where it’s permanently docked.

    If Leonardo DiCaprio were a passenger, I might take my chances.

  8. I’m not generally superstitious, but yes, I think it’s a terrible idea. Tempting fate, they are. Yeah, there’s no way you could pay me to get on that ship either. I just hope they don’t call this one unsinkable (unless they’re already saying that by the name?)

    Also, I was totally one of those people who researched the crap out of the actual Titanic too.

  9. I dunno, GOTC. I’m usually with you but I dont think this is too bad of an idea. For one, so many ppl went to the 100th anniversary sailing of the Titanic. A lot of ppl thought it was bad, but a lot more people paid to actually get on that ship. Which didnt sink. Which brings me to my next point- technology. We have iPads now. C’mon GOTC, ships dont shink anymore! They may stall in the ocean for days, but shink? Psshh! Never!

    Ok…I actually hesitated after I wrote that. Hope nothing bad happens. I probably won’t be sailing…lol!

  10. The thing I wonder is how exact of a replica will it be. For example, will they insist on not-enough-lifeboats because that’s authentic? I’m assuming that they’ll have to fit in with safety laws of some country of other (not very well up on maritime law … if that’s even what’s relevant here) so you’d hope someone would make them have plenty of lifeboats, but then it’s not a replica …

    I’m assuming they’ll have to put plenty of lifeboats in because otherwise only women and children would buy tickets (because they’d have a better chance of getting into the few lifeboats)

    Enough rambling about lifeboats, suffice to say this is indeed bothering me!

    1. I thought the same thing! I mean, how “authentic” can it really be? Even with all the fancy technology and correct amount of lifeboats, I still wouldn’t get on the boat.

  11. That was pun-tastic! And yes. This is a bad idea. They should just use the leftover broken in half ship from the movie and not prolong the agony for whomever is silly enough to buy a ticket.

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