Here Is A Thought On A Friday

Do you ever wonder if the outfit you’re wearing would be a suitable outfit if the apocalypse were to occur today?

This is why I rarely wear high heels. And also why I always have a spare pair of sock in my purse. Because I’ll be damned if an inappropriate outfit causes me to lose the apocalypse.

40 thoughts on “Here Is A Thought On A Friday

  1. That’s why I always wear heels (unless I really can’t be bothered). Just in case today is the apocolypse. Wouldn’t want to be caught wearing bad shoes – remember what I said about awesome shoes and confidence? Same goes here..

  2. Make sure you have a backup plan if it ends up being a zombie apocalypse. Running from them in heels will end in nothing but terror. Also – even though you’ll have cute shoes on – you’ll look gross and I’ve NEVER heard someone say “Wow – that zombie has *great* shoes!”

  3. I’m very glad tha you bought this up, becasue it explains all of the cheap , baggy suits that all of the ‘instant victims’ of some apocalypse are wearing. Maybe I SHOULD put a tie on, after all.

  4. Alternative?Learn to run in heels, giving you the advantage of an increased field of vision due to the boost in height, also, depending on the pumps, possible weapons in a pinch?

  5. I do the opposite – opt for the heels and keep a spare pair of flats around. Chances of the apocalypse = slim. Chance I will look like a smurf in front of potential hot date = way higher.

  6. Haha so true. But on the other hand, if you end up losing the apocalypse, how about in some red pumps?
    But if I had to decide, I think I would wear my sesame street pyjamas. If there are zombies, I think this would distract them.

  7. Reblogged this on Suazmopolitan and commented:
    I feel like today I’d be super prepared – I have on Uggs and 2 layers of long sleeve/sweater as well as 2 pairs of socks, gloves, and a hair tie obvi so my hair’s not in my way for combat!

  8. “Apocalypse,
    We’ve all been there,
    The same old trips,
    Why should we care?
    What can’t we face when we’re together?
    (What can’t we faaaaace?)
    What’s in this place that we can’t weather?
    (If we’re togetherrrrrr!)
    There’s nothing we can’t face!
    (Except for bunnies….)”

    -The Scoobies, BTVS.

  9. Not another apocapypse. The last proposed “end of the world” was on my BD, so we had a combo party. Think I went in board shorts and flip-flops. Might have to borrow socks if I ended up some place that was unheated. Hmmm

  10. The other day I was in Walgreens pondering a product called “Instant Flats”. I guess now I know why they are so essential. But really, why can’t we just wear jeans and tennis shoes everyday, so as to be super prepared???

  11. Steve says:

    Now I fully understand why my parent’s generation believed ‘you should always wear clean underwear;’ which, as a young’en, I thought, but never said out loud, had to do with getting ‘lucky.’

  12. Too funny! Part of the reason I rarely wear heels (or dressy shoes in general) is that I like knowing I can move fast if the need arises. Hadn’t really thought about it, but its true.

  13. You are so wise. I’d be screwed. I do think, nearly every day at work, “I am wasting this outfit on you people.” But thinking it might be the last day ever kind of helps. Like, “Well, if this is it, I’m glad I didn’t save this sweater for the cool parties I don’t get invited to all the time.”

    1. That’s a good way to look at it. I have a dress I’ve been saving for a special non-doomsday event that I might have wear to work. With a tiara. It may or may not be my wedding dress…

  14. Jason says:

    If the Apocalypse comes there is bound to be a lot of waiting around as things get done. For that reason I always carry a book. Even when I just go out shopping with Carmen it comes in handy. I’m not that bothered about the clothes, despite her best efforts.

  15. ha ha i have never considered that – but i will from now on. I did – until a few weeks ago- always wear 2 pairs of socks (usually odd) every day but these new trainers actually fit with only one pair…starting to regret getting new ones, wouldnt want to get them ruined lol.
    Today, my jeans fit without the need for a belt, i could probably do with longer sleeves, my jumper is a loose knit so has far too many holes to actually protect me from the cold and would probably result in me getting snagged on something…and these winter socks are too thick to get my trainers on and not thick enough to keep my slipper boots on so i guess i would be running in socks if sh*t hit the fan today.

    I need to think like you before getting dressed from now on 🙂

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