12 thoughts on “Jazz Hands Thursday

  1. beck16 says:

    Looks like showplace lanes πŸ™‚

    I think it’s more fun when you’re not that good. Jokes and laughs and stuff =)

      1. Now that I’ve gotten over that. I love your pants. Also, if you ever want to feel better about being bad at bowling, play with me. I’m the absolute worst there is.

  2. Never be ashamed of bad bowler-hood. Many fine people/authors have been horrible bowlers, such as:

    Barack “Gutter Ball” Obama
    Jared “Jumped the Line” Diamond
    Susan “Uh-Oh” Orlean
    John “Slip and Fall” Steinbeck
    Steven “Seven-Ten Split” Spielberg

    Even myself, Scott “Toe Over the Line” Barr
    At least you have supporters with helping “Jazz Hands”


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