The 6 New Things I’m Going To Learn This Year

Thank y’all so much for all your suggestions about the things I should learn to do this year. I picked some that I thought would be fun and educational and interesting and one that might make all the blood rush to my brain. It should be a good year.

1. Knitting. This one is my contribution and I feel like my neck will be much warmer for it.

2. Basic German. It was suggested I learn the basics of a language and since I already know the basics of French and Spanish it made the most sense to me to learn German. Also, I can totally order my kolaches from the German bakery in German now. Which is important.

3. 10 second handstand. I loved this idea from the beginning. And I plan on making it happen. Come hell or brain explosion (which I ‘m told it not something that can actually happen but I’m pretty sure that’s a lie doctors tell you so everyone doesn’t panic about their brains exploding)

4. Calligraphy. I have not so great handwriting, which is what happens when you’re a left handed kid with a right handed teacher. Now, everyone will have to tell me how pretty my handwriting is. That’s what they call a comeback kids.

5. Make a delicious meal Captain Thoughtful loves. That would be shrimp and grits y’all. We really can’t get enough of it. And I plan on making the most delicious rendition of it this side of New Orleans. For Captain Thoughtful. Because I’m a good wife. Not because I love shrimp and grits too. But that’s part of it.

6. Learn the ukulele. Again. Except this time, I’m going to focus on learning one song instead of mastering the instrument. So, you know, baby steps.


I hope the New Year is treating you all well!!

36 thoughts on “The 6 New Things I’m Going To Learn This Year

  1. There’s a good book on calligraphy by Fred Eager, if it is still in print. My wife does calligraphy and art and stuff like that. I just think deep abstract thoughts and solve equations, but I can admire other people’s talent. I resolve to do more admiring this year. And to finish the deep and abstract books I plan to write. I would be hopeless with German. Or knitting. Or ukelele, though I am trying harmonica. Hope you find it all a blessing.
    Oh, I forgot to mention, handstands are definitely out. Standing up, being vertical and right side up, is pretty darn good. I’m going to maintain that talent I have for walking.
    Shrimp and grits sounds wonderful, except for the shrimp part. I’m sort of from Georgia so I know grits, but shrimp are just creepy. Sorry.

  2. My entire life for the past three years has centered around battling the Germans and the language. You’d think knowing foods and greetings would be most important. Don’t bother. You need only one phrase: That is not possible! (a favorite response to everything here) Know that and say it with ease and you’re halfway to being an honorary Frau. Das ist nicht mogliche. πŸ™‚ There. You’re all set!

  3. I’d love to be able to write in the old fashioned Spencerian cursive style. I used to have so-so handwriting, but college note taking totally killed it. Now when i write in cursive it looks like a 9 year old’s handwriting.

    I haven’t had a kolache in FOREVER!!!!! My favorite roadside pitstop used to be the little place in West on 35.

    1. Of course your favorite roadside pitstop is the place in West- because they make AWESOME kolaches. I love that I knew exactly the place you were talking about. It’s pretty much the only good thing about driving on 35….

  4. #3! Yes! I am tickled that you like that resolution. Seriously, the best part is that it’s fun to practice and just imagine all those crazy photos you’ll have one day in the future–handstand in front of the Eiffel Tower, handstand in front of a pretty mountain…the list goes on. Good luck!

  5. I am so with you on –

    1. Learn basic German – though I know basic German, what I mean is move one step ahead πŸ˜€ 2. Learn Ukulele – it will be Guitar for me, instead of Ukulele. Hope to make it happen by the year end πŸ˜€

    other things would be –

    3. Start sketching and painting again – there has been HUGE gap since I last painted/sletched 😦 4. Start recording songs again – the story is same as above 😦

    Hope to follow at least these 4 things… along with reading as many books as possible and try and write at least one if possible.

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