The Mayans Were Wrong And Now I Have To Admit My Failures

Remember last year when I made two New Year’s resolutions, because in 2011 I made one and it went spectacularly well, so I thought I could handle two in 2012 and then I didn’t do either of them but I thought the Mayans would bail me out of having to admit it with their apocalypse but then it didn’t happen and now I have to admit my failures?

That was a thing that happened.

However, although I still can not play the ukulele and have not finished my book, I did get married and start two new books which remain unfinished so let’s call it even.

In an attempt to recapture my New Year’s Resolution superiority of 2011, I’m making new resolutions. Because optimism y’all.

1. Cook more often. This sounds so easy and yet I fear it may be very very difficult to actually pull off. Although I can promise posts about my cooking successes…and failures.

2. Learn at least 6 new things this year. I figure that gives me 2 months to learn each thing. Because I’m really good at math. The first thing is knitting. I’m taking suggestions for the other 5 because y’all are usually more inspired and brilliant than I am. It can be a skill or even a subject- I’ll take the 5 suggestions that strike my fancy the most and let y’all know. That way you can keep me accountable…but don’t like, pressure me.

Happy New Year!

34 thoughts on “The Mayans Were Wrong And Now I Have To Admit My Failures

  1. One of the 6 things should be a physical activity skill! Take up running (go for that 5K), learn kickboxing, become a skilled rock climber, or join an intramural league in your community for any sport that you’ve always wanted to be better at. There are many different routes to go with this one, and it’s healthy!

  2. missuswoman says:

    Ohh check out for cooking inspiration. But maybe not if you don’t want to make the gym your resolution for next year…
    And you could maybe try balloon animal making because those clowns always look like they’re having a whale of a time (pun intended).
    Good luck!

  3. How about zentangling? We could do it together. It’s like yoga for the brain, apparently. Organized doodling. It looks really cool, and I’m quite convinced it’s the only kind of art I probably won’t fail at. Lol. So yeah. Let’s zentangle?
    I’d also add the ukelele and conquer it. That’d be cool. And a middle finger to 2012’s face.

  4. Learn the basics of a language you haven’t studied yet. For instance, you could learn the Japanese Kana.

    I wish you much success with the cooking endeavor and look forward to your blogs about it.

  5. Well, if you want to borrow a silly goal of mine, I’m working my way up to a 10-second handstand, so I can pose in front of monuments when I travel and force my boyfriend to take pictures of me upside down.

  6. This suggestion ties in with your first goal, i.e., learn to cook one gourmet dish that Capt. Thoughtful loves.

    With respect to your knitting goal, if you ever get good at it, I might ask for help myself. I am trying to knit a sweater for one of my little Shih Tzu dogs. Let’s just say I’m struggling. The only things I’ve ever knitted before are scarves (EEEEASY) and those patterned bulky knit sweaters (also easy but rather detail-oriented and time-consuming).

  7. If I suggest you learn something, how do I know if you already know how to do it? Weirdness aside, how about learning to fold a fitted sheet neatly so it looks like a plain sheet in the linen closet? This is such an under rated skill. Or how about learning to make your own silk floral arrangements? I’ve been learning to make candles for the last ten years and have only made six candles, but I have all the supplies I need. I’m not exactly leading the way am I?

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