7 thoughts on “Jazz Hands Thursday

  1. Congratulations and much joy and happiness to you and that special husband of yours. Enjoy and relax on the honeymoon. Won’t be too long until all those thank you notes have to be written….sorry about busting only one of your many happy bubbles!

  2. Wow, thanks for the Jazz Hands picture. I didn’t expect anything until after the official honeymoon (because the unofficial honeymoon lasts for years :P).

    I am waiting with bated breath (not baited breath because I don’t eat fish on a hook) for the wedding pics. Oh, how nice to say “Mrs. Captain Thoughtful.”

  3. Yayyyy our first wedding pic!! I can’t wait to see more, and I hope you’re having a fantaaabulous honeymoon!

    We had a photo booth at our wedding, too. But I still want to go back in time and get glow sticks.

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