Dreams Do Come True.

Y’all, Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs has developed multiple perfume oils based on the The Fraggles. FOR REALLY REAL. There are 8 fragrances and they all sound delightful but who am I kidding I would buy these even if they smelled like rotting plants, which they don’t, they smell like Fraggles and happiness and dreams coming true.

Personally, I’ve got the Boober perfume oil on order because I like fresh smelling things but also because when I was younger I thought saying “Boober” was hilarious and so I always liked him. Boober.

Boober Perfume Oil

Go to this website immediately and order your Fraggle perfume oil because DREAMS COME TRUE Y’ALL. http://www.blackphoenixalchemylab.com/fragglerock.html

21 thoughts on “Dreams Do Come True.

  1. GOTC,

    I love you (just not in any kind of way that would make your man-friend violently angry). This is so amazing I don’t even know what to say… oh wait, I do know: let the music play. Thank you.

    -Soul Walker

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