Here Is A Thought On A Friday

You know how when you’re talking about makeup or skincare with someone and then they’re all “You should NEVER use that! It’s not organic!” and then they tell you about how the lotion you’ve been using on your face for 10 years has so many chemicals in it that it will probably mummify your face? And then you say ” So? Have you seen a mummy lately? They look AMAZING for their age.” and then that person stops talking to you because, hell, you can’t argue that mummies look fantastic for their age? And then later on, someone tells you about the lotion they use and you’re all “Don’t use that stuff! It’s not organic and will turn your face into a mummy.” ?

That’s a thing that’s happened to everyone right? Also, I’m going to get a facial.

14 thoughts on “Here Is A Thought On A Friday

  1. Haha I love preaching to people about what type of lotion they should be using. Of course, I hate hearing about it… it’s all just a conspiracy! But, since we’re on the topic, you should use Burt’s Bees. Definitely. Or else your skin will dry out and you’ll end up with sandpaper cheeks. (;-))

  2. Make sure to tell your aesthetician the date of the wedding – they say that your face “purges” a couple of weeks after a facial and you wouldn’t want those blemishes on your wedding day! just a piece of advice from a bride who used her spa giftcard three weeks before her wedding!

  3. “Five hundred years ago, the Incan people chose a beautiful teenage girl to become their princess.
    Willow: I hope this story ends with, ‘And she lived happily ever after.’
    Xander: [looks into the coffin] No, I think it ends with, ‘And she became a scary, discolored, shriveled mummy.'”

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