Jazz Hands Thursday

So, this is a new thing where every Thursday I post a picture of myself doing jazz hands. Which, is like, my signature thing that I do. This picture was taken at my bachelorette party last Friday. My eyes are red because of the flash, not because I’m a bloodthirsty vampire. Or am I? I’m not. Also, I think we can all agree my blue steel face is impeccable. Happy first ever Jazz Hands Thursday!

Jazz Hands Thursday

21 thoughts on “Jazz Hands Thursday

  1. Jazz hands or no jazz hands, you’re a cutie pie. Captain Thoughtful is a lucky guy. (Notice the rhyme? Purely unintentional, I assure you.)

    Btw, I swear my hubby and I watched a movie recently entitled “Mutant Vampire Zombies from the ‘Hood.” Strangely enough, it wasn’t bad…quite entertaining if you could get past all the gore 😛

  2. Pretty Princess with Spirit Fingers!!! The only way for the pic to be better would be to animate it so the fingers wiggle.

    What’s the ribbon for? I’m old-dude eyes can’t read what written on it 🙂

  3. Nice tiara! I think we should get a jazz hand photo of you in your wedding gown. Actually, I think it’s our blog-given right. And we’ve been good, I swear. So, you know, we deserve it.

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