Who Would You Fangirl Over?

Who would you fangirl over?

This was the question passed around the table at my bachelorette party last Friday night. (Which, side note, was supremely awesome). And while we agreed on a lot of the answers, everyone of us had a different first answer, which I happen to think is a testament to the independent, bright, free-thinking women I call my friends. Yay me! Anyway, it made me wonder who you, my most beloved and ever-clever readers would fangirl over?

For blogging purposes, a fangirl can be a boy or a girl and basically just means who would you be overwhelmed to meet? Personally, I take it to mean anyone who would cause me to cry from the excitement of being near to them, but you can take it how you like. I’m not a definition dictator.

My top three are:

1. Bette Midler

2. Steve Martin

3. Alan Alda

Now, it’s your turn to answer. Who would you fangirl over?

60 thoughts on “Who Would You Fangirl Over?

  1. honeybelle010 says:

    it would definitely be….
    1) Chris Hemsworth
    2) Chris Hemsworth
    3) Chris Hemsworth

    Yep thats about it XD

    1. honeybelle010 says:

      I recently changed it to…
      1) Alex Pettyfer (The Mortal Instruments series)
      2) Chris Hemsworth

  2. What? No Ryan Gosling?

    Well, MY list would be:

    1) Lin-Manuel Miranda (who I met for exactly one minute last year–hopefully THIS year will be a little longer)
    2) Scott Bakula–I’m still in love with Dr. Sam Beckett from Quantum Leap
    3) Janet Jackson (do I NEED a reason?)

    Michael Jackson is also on the list, but he’s on that island with Tupac and Biggie, so…… *shrugs*

  3. 1. David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor
    2. Robert Downey Jnr
    3. Pink – been to seen her five times now, she is just amazing.
    IN fact, I think Pink should be first.

  4. whoa awesome!

    hmm at the top of my head (in no specific order, although leo is my number 1, for VARIOUS reasons):

    1. leonardi dicaprio
    2. markus zusak
    3. kate winslet (she seems like such fun)
    4. withnail
    5. nelson mandela (he is our hero)
    6. ginnifer goodwin (she seems like a sweetheart)
    7. joaquin phoenix (to do all things untowards to him..)
    8. ellen degeneres
    9. jerry seinfeld
    10. the byronic man.

  5. beck16 says:

    I totally laughed like a maniac when I met Will Ferrell. Quite embarrassing to say the least especially when he asked me what I was laughing at and my only response was “you!”…

  6. beck16 says:

    I totally laughed like a maniac when I met Will Ferrell. Quite embarrassing to say the least when he asked me what I was laughing at and my only response was “you!”…

  7. MY TOP TEN (not in order)
    1. Bill Cosby
    2. Justin Bieber (don’t judge me)
    3.T- Pain (love me some t-pain)
    4. Ryan Gosling (preferably naked)
    5. Betty white
    6. Coco Chanel
    7. Audrey Hepburn
    8. Adele
    9. Jesus (obviously)
    10. nicki minaj (just to see her ass in person and see how large it truly is)

  8. Since my Second Husband, Darren Criss, is far too obvious, and Leonardo DiCaprio probably is, too…

    Well. I’m trying to think of someone to impress you. But I have to go with gut.

    Justin Timberlake.

    I can’t help it.

      1. If you think THAT’S impressive… I normally don’t do this (*bloggy faux pas alert*), but I kind of feel like you need to see what’s happening on my / The Byronic Man’s blogs right now. I know you’re too busy to enter any contests, but I feel like you’ll really appreciate the overall weirdness. Because you get me. And maybe I suddenly have a wedding gift idea for you and the Cap’n…

      2. Jules. I’m hurt. To think that you think that I don’t read your and The Byronic Man’s blogs everyday. Because I do. Everyday. For really reals.

        Also, I AM IN. All other contestants be ye warned I am coming for you! And I want both sheet sets. Also, by the time you had replied to my reply to your comment, I already had a post blog in my drafts folder with my first draft of my entry. True story.

      3. Whaaaat? I can’t believe you have time for these shenanigans!

        But. As long as you’re going all out. You might as well include a plug in your wedding programs. And send us some glow sticks. It could sway the judging.

  9. P!nk. Not sure why, she just looks like such good fun. Writes great songs too.

    Despite initially loathing him (or maybe that’s why) I’d also love to meet the guy who plays Ironman, can’t think of his name off the top of my head, but he does have something about him which makes it hard to hang on to the loathing!

  10. crgardenjoe says:

    I like your list, and would totally fangirl over all 3, but especially Steve Martin. My list:
    1) Leonard Pitts (opinion columnist and a great writer)
    2) Michelle Obama (Barack totally married up)
    3) Heidi Klum (just so I could ask her to say, “in writing, one day you’re in, and the next day you’re out.”)

  11. Definitely Johnny Depp. I admit, I had an unhealthy obsession in Junior High and High School, but as I’ve gotten older I have really come to appreciate his solid acting skills, not just his bad boy charm.

  12. wow Alan Alda? So now mine…Not really sure anyone does it for me anymore but, maybe Richard Dean Anderson AKA MacGyver. I am old and not many of your readers probably even know him as MacGyver.

    1. Yes, on top of being a hilarious person, he’s a very gifted writer and I love him eternally. And, I totally know who MacGyver is- he’s the perfect person to have on your apocalypse team!

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