Weddings Are Hilarious

My bridal shower was last Saturday and it was all things lovely. It had my three favorite “F” words: family, friends, and food. (Why? What’s your favorite “F” word??) 😉
But, leading up to it, I found myself oddly nervous. What if I didn’t act “bridal” enough? Do I even have a “bridal” personality”?? So much nervousness. Luckily, I was distracted from it by a totally wonderful Captain Thoughtful surprise and I didn’t worry about it at all anymore and had a supremely wonderful time at my bridal shower.
But then, as I was falling asleep last night, I began to worry that I hadn’t, in fact, acted “bridal” enough at my shower and that all my family and friends now think me exceptionally unqualified to be a bride. So, to calm my fears, I did what I always do and which never ever works, I googled it.
It was not reassuring. Here are some “bridal” rules that I totally broke. I think.
Talk to everyone. I definitely said “hello” and “goodbye” to everyone but I’m sure I didn’t manage even a brief conversation with everyone who attended. Strike one GotC.
Show enthusiasm at all times. I was certainly very excited and I definitely smiled and laughed a lot. But, was I “enthusiastic” enough? Probably not. There is a reason I wasn’t a cheerleader. Strike two.
Be calm and collected. Am I ever “collected”? Strike three.
Do you get four strikes in wedding preparations? Or like, 20?
Also, did you know you’re not supposed to use the shower gifts before the wedding?! It’s going to be so hard resisting the urge to use that pie maker at Thanksgiving……..
Seriously though, I have the most AMAZING family and friends in the world! I am one happy happy lady. 🙂

41 thoughts on “Weddings Are Hilarious

  1. My dear Contrary sister from another Mister,

    As the Bridezilla has made herself at home in our vernacular, surely that means that all rules and strikes toward the bride are thrown out the window. As my bodiste (fancy title for dress dealer) sang, “Here comes the bride, y’all step aside!” Seriously though, if you said hi to everyone and you each got to smile in each other’s faces, that qualifies as talking to your guests, so no strike there. And how does one pull off enthusiastic AND calm and collected? Somebody’s trying to set you up, sis….so those two strikes cancel each other out. So it looks like you were safe the whole time. And if you had fun, mission accomplished–home run!

    BTW, regarding those gifts–who’s gonna know? WE’RE certainly not gonna say anything…… *whistling and kicking rocks*

  2. Really, there are no rules. I promise you. Did you have fun? Were you happy to be there? Did you laugh?

    Good you acted Bridal and are qualified!

    Don’t worry, really stop it. You will be a great bride. This is supposed to be fun.

    The day I got married (in Vegas), I snuck out of my reception to play Blackjack (still in my wedding dress though by then I was barefoot). My newly minted husband had to come find me.

  3. I failed bridal etiquette for sure. The dainty white gloves were not my thing. I think mostly you’re supposed to just enjoy it and it sounds like you had a great time! See? Suddenly winning bride!

  4. I searched for other bridal rules that might be applicable; I’m afraid all I found was this.

    “A brutal triple murder by the bridegroom’s mother might put a bit of a damper on the wedding.” -Ron Weaseley.

  5. My favorite “F” word? I’m surprised you didn’t use it — you can have more than three favorite and eminently useable “F” words, you know. Anyhow, mine is…wait for it…Fabulous! That’s what I think you and your wedding preparations are 😀

  6. Yaaayyy! Glad you had a great shower. 🙂

    You broke THREE RULES?! How dare you? Oh, well. There are infinity more to break. Chose which ones they’ll be yet? I broke a BUNCH. *shrugs* I like it. I’m a bridal rebel. Hahaha

  7. That’s the thing though, is that it’s YOUR wedding, YOUR shower. As long as you’re not a Bridezilla I’m pretty sure you’re fine 😀 In the end, it’s all about your happiness, not everyone else’s.

  8. Say whaaaa?! Not use the shower gifts before the wedding!? Pretty soon you’re going to tell me to stop walking under ladders. No but seriously. Use that shiz. Especially if you got a blender.

    I can’t believe you already had your shower!!! Time is a flyin’. Pretty soon you’ll be Mrs. Cap’n Thoughtful, and we’ll reminisce about those good ol’ days when we talked about schemes to kidnap celebrities a la Hungry, Hungry Hippos…

    1. We haven’t gotten a blender…yet….fingers are still crossed. 🙂

      I know! Time has flown by! But wait, are you saying our scheming has come to an end? I refuse to let that happen. Sure, I might not be trying to kidnap Ryan Gosling anymore but I’m definitely not done scheming with you!

      Also, I’ve been meaning to email you- I was so worried!

  9. Dear Girlonthecontrary, as a wedding planner I’ve heard this from many of my brides, and it never ceases to amaze me. For some odd reason, maybe b/c of Bridezillas, there has been standards set for the etiquette of a bride. If the people who attended your bridal shower were all your friends and family, I’m sure they appreciated you not acting “bridal” enough. I can’t tell you how many friendships and relationship I’ve seen destroyed b/c of a bridal enough bride!

  10. ❤ this. My husband and I started receiving gifts in the mail three months before the wedding – he didn't understand when I didn't let him open them – it's actually kind of superstitious (you're supposed to return the gifts to the gifters if you get cold feet and don't go through with it – that shows confidence in your commitment right?). Anyway, I think that now that you have teased your loyal followers about this grand surprise by CT, you should probably tell us what it was…

    1. I didn’t know about the superstition. So, if you use them that’s like saying “I know this is my guy and we’re never getting divorced!”

      CT surprised me with his family flying in from out of state to go to my shower. It was AMAZING and made me feel so loved!

      1. That’s awesome – the surprise that is.

        And I guess it’s not just superstition, but also etiquette…but to me it doesn’t instill any confidence in your union if they don’t want you to use it so they can have it back when you leave him at the alter. So I say buck tradition and break into all the new toys! Best wishes on the wedding!

  11. emmlaa says:

    Ahh see you worry about not being bridal enough…at every birthday party i’ve had I have always done something clumsy or to embarrass myself, actually I don’t think it’s just on my birthday….it’s just when im excited.

    I always seem to have an epiphany of some type after reading your posts, always gives me something to think about 🙂 x

    Hope the wedding planning is going well.


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