I Made A Bad Life Choice When I Decided To Watch Ancient Aliens

NOT an alien.
So, in an effort to confront some of my more, let’s say, bizarre fears (dinosaurs, aliens, countdown clocks) I decided to watch an episode of “Ancient Aliens” on the History channel. It was a spur of the moment decision. It was a bad life choice. On the bright side, I wasn’t afraid at all and not one thing on the show frightened me. On the dark side (of the moon-bazinga) I was angry for the rest of the day and continually maintained a less than mature argument with people who could not hear me through the TV screen. Because, I’m sorry- you don’t get to say the Loch Ness monster is an alien. You don’t. Nessie is a world treasure and you don’t get to take that away by saying it’s not from this world. No. No. No.
Also, I refuse to believe that minotaurs and centaurs where ancient alien experiments. Why do I refuse to believe that? Because I do. Because I love mythological creatures and you need to stop misappropriating their legacies. I don’t try and tell you that aliens didn’t land in Roswell, do I? No, I don’t because I respect your beliefs. And also your beliefs frighten me so I just stay away from Roswell. (Side note: The one alien thing I’ve ever liked is actually the WB show “Roswell”) But I happen to treasure my mythological creatures and I don’t appreciate you trying to twist them into something that will scare the google out of me.
All I’m really saying is leave Nessie alone. And hey, maybe don’t tell talk about aliens so much, because, again, they scare me.

13 thoughts on “I Made A Bad Life Choice When I Decided To Watch Ancient Aliens

  1. Okay. I love this.
    Here’s why:

    One night my sister called and was upset about some thing or another. My husband and I told her she should watch “Ancient Aliens” and it would make her feel better about life.

    About 20 minutes later, I got a text message that read only, “I was with them up until they said that aliens created the manna machine.”

    So what I’m saying is, it’s good for something.

  2. This reminds me of “Highlander II.” Because taking a perfectly good fantasy film and turning it into a sci-fi movie is pretty much always a terrible idea… and by terrible idea I mean they should be ashamed of themselves.

  3. I watched a Smithsonian channel show yesterday that quite possibly changed my life….”Titanaboa” – yes, the world’s largest, freakin’ huge prehistoric snake. I was home with Will (getting over bronchitis) and we both fell right down the rabbit hole. Crazy interesting….and hopefully not as much of a personal affront to you as Ancient Aliens was….

  4. Agree. We need to protect the reputations of our mythological creatures or people might start believing they don’t exist (which is stupid). I don’t listen to people with crazy theories like that anyway.

    I made a bad decision the night before last, I read a ghost story. These are the things that frighten me. I then had to sleep with the light on, but I had to wait until Hubby was asleep to turn the light on, else he’d have known. Lay in the dark for ages with eyes wide open. Horrible.

  5. I’m on your wagon for sure. I’m getting sick and tired of history channel high jacking every conceivable myth, legend, fantasy and whatever and attributing it to aliens. It a phase they are capitalizing on. Wonder what the next phase will be?

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