Austin Thoughts With Girl On The Contrary

Austin skyline

I grew up in Austin, so I’m allowed to think these things.

  • If Austin had a smell it would be an equally appealing and repulsive mixture of marijuana, patchouli, and cedar
  • This is one of the only places I know of where you can see a man in a nice three piece suit skateboarding to work
  • Austinites want everyone to love Austin, but no one to move here
  • Whole Foods was started in Austin. You’re welcome world. Unless you hate Whole Foods and then we think you’re right it’s totally pretentious.
  • Getting the $50 3-day ACL tickets is like catching a musical chupacabra
  • Finding a free parking spot anywhere downtown ever is like catching a unicorn
  • People in Austin talk like they’re auditioning for their own show on NPR

    This has been Austin Thoughts with Girl On The Contrary.

32 thoughts on “Austin Thoughts With Girl On The Contrary

  1. Growing up in Austin is an experience in itself! I am few years older than you are and I remember when a beer joint actually had an outhouse and the Amardillo was still going strong. Those where the days.

  2. Sounds a lot like my home city in England. Although the only people in suits are ones due in court. My city is also home to the only accent I’ve heard where the phrase ‘thank you’ sounds consistently sarcastic.

  3. Awesome. I’m in Ann Arbor and people have always said there are similarities. 1st three points and last two are just like here. Small difference is that no one wears suits here. We have people in Birkenstocks riding their bikes in winter, though. That NPR comment is perfect. Am so stealing that one.

  4. Have never been to Austin (does a quick layover in the airport count?). I’m a London gal and the parking thing is true as well except that Londoners are way too cynical and pretentious to believe in unicorns.

    1. Oh man! It’s even worse in London- I did my study abroad there and even though I didn’t drive, it seemed like there wasn’t one spare space for anyone to park in ever at any hour. Also, we should do a home exchange because you need to really see Austin and I miss London like crazy! πŸ™‚

  5. Having lived in Portland, OR, for so long, I would first second most of those things but with “Portland” in its place, and then add, “Portland really likes to take things Austin does and then pretend they thought of it themselves.

    1. Portland is clearly a city full of copy cats. Also, because I haven’t had a chance to say it yet: CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR BABY! I am so excited for you and have a feeling parenting is going to give you lots of good blogs….. πŸ™‚

  6. Steven S. Walsky says:

    I fully understand your Austinite thoughts….however, I have to think about “Austinites want everyone to love Austin, but no one to move here,” as I would hate to be unwanted. I am still considering moving to Austin in another year. You missed one very nice thing about Austin, while looking for blogs about Austin I found Girl on the Contrary.

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