Things I Saw Today.

Today, I saw a car parked downtown with women’s underwear on the dashboard. They were red. My first thought was “But why?” and my second thought was “Probably better not to ask too many questions.”

I also saw a woman walking a pig, with a leash and everything. But, she didn’t have any of the bags you’re supposed to pick up your animals poop with and I think that’s just poor citizenship. Also, can we just revisit the fact she was walking a *pig* in downtown Austin?

After careful thought about both these things I saw today, I came to a conclusion, which is, some people take “Keep Austin Weird” a little too seriously. I appreciate the effort but I think it would be better to just support local businesses. Or, you know, just keep doing the underwear and pig thing. Who am I to judge? I got caught looking at myself in the reflection of a window by a bunch of well dressed investment bankers today, so I guess we all have our quirks.

39 thoughts on “Things I Saw Today.

  1. I just moved away from Texas and I have one of those “Keep Austin Weird” buttons, your post reminded me that first I should find that button and second that I want to go back to Austin, cause any city where a pig can walk down the street, on a leash no less, is a place that I need to go back to!!!

  2. neongreenmilk says:

    I don’t know how to get more followers… and you got a whole buttload. I just started. I don’t even understand this whole wordpress thing but your blog is interesting. 😛

  3. Why do I get the feeling the underwear and the investment bankers are related?

    Also, I would have gotten that woman’s number if I were you. Didn’t you hear about the imminent bacon shortage?

    1. I once saw a man in the middle of Melbourne on a horse that was all blinged out in silvery bits and pieces, wearing cowboy boots and a cowboy hat and a shirt with fringe on it. I wanted to go up to him and ask him if he got lost on his way to Texas. And no, there wasn’t a parade or circus going on or anything like that.

  4. Oh! I would love to own a mini-pig! They really are all the latest! As an aside, I really like pigs, I would own a black and white one, she would be called Pearl and have blue eyes.

  5. Yep Austin is weird and I love it. But, I agree with you. I don’t think I ever want to see someone walking a pig down the street with no poo poo bag. Although I frequently walk my dog with a bag not visible but in my pocket. Not after it’s full of course. Maybe she had one hidden on her person some where? There’s always hope. 🙂

  6. Don’t you have to have actual trash bags or something to pick up pig poop with? Or you never know…she might have just rescued the poor thing from the Oscar Meyer factory and it had already eliminated everything in its stomach when it saw that big, fat guy raising the meat cleaver…that lady might have saved Babe! 🙂

  7. Steven S. Walsky says:

    Maybe the woman was not carrying baggies because the underwear in the car was the pig’s and she did not notice that Miss Piggy took them off because Kermit does not like that color?

  8. Underwear on the dashboard-that one’s easy. You just never know when you need to change your underwear. Always be prepared I say. Maybe that person’s mother is one of those that is worried about her daughter having clean underwear in case she has an accident. Where else do you leave your extra underwear? The glove box was already full!

    The pig? I have no explanation for that one. Though if I remember right from what I just read it’s Pork Awareness Month.

  9. prttynpnk says:

    Ok, so you are driving in incliment weather in a lovely suede coat. You obviously cant wipe condensation off the window with suede!? Off come the panties! Happens all the time. If you cant see properly you could end up hydroplaning in the pig poop.

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