A Brief Glimpse Into The Contrary Mind

So, yesterday I passed a man on the street and I smiled (because I always smile because it’s a nice thing to do because you never know who might need a smile- also, Annie taught me you’re never fully dressed without a smile and I wouldn’t want a stranger to see me naked). After I smiled, the man said “Hi there sunshine.” And then I thought all of these things all at once.

1. That was an odd thing to say.
2. Was that a pick-up line?
3. Was he referring to my bright yellow dress?
4. Maybe I shouldn’t smile at people any more.
5. Maybe I should keep smiling at people, maybe no one was nice to him today and now I was and he feels all happy inside.
And then I got distracted by girl scout cookies. True story.

65 thoughts on “A Brief Glimpse Into The Contrary Mind

  1. Perhaps your smile brightened his day….unless he was implying that your teeth were yellow.

    Hmmm….the genteel Southern lady in me will not allow for no greeting, and a smile qualifies as such. I shall have to come up with a chart for the proper smile wattage and correspondence panic reaction to given responses. You have given me a good idea there, Girl…..

    Now pass those cookies…..

  2. I’m glad to hear there is someone else out there that smiles at strangers passing by. The sad thing is they normally look right through me because they are so deep in thought or the glazed over faces of those who have earbuds in listening to whatever noise they’ve chosen which keeps them from having to be cordial with anyone in their vacinity. The few who respond positively or smile back often make my day.

  3. troubledfred says:

    I do the exact same thing whenever something unexpected happens although I dwell on it alot more because even though I would get distracted by girl scout cookies (yummy tagalongs) I would still even up thinking about it

  4. My thoughts were this sounds like me! I love to smile and think of it as an inexpensive way of paying forward. It causes a chain reaction of smiles, when you see that person smile back. The comment was not too crazy because as someone mentioned “Hi Sunshine!” is sort of like another way of reflecting that positive move. Lastly, love reference to the musical. My kids when younger liked Annie and attempted to sing “The sun will come up tomorrow…”

  5. Nothing to take your mind off the threat of possible old-guy-eye-stalkage like girl’s scout cookies! My girls will be selling them soon and I dread being on of those door-to-door parents, but alas, I guess I will be. Gotta remember to wear my smile, too I suppose… πŸ™‚ <—that's me practicing.

  6. My Dad, resting above us, used to say that all the time! To me, to family and to complete strangers. “Hi there Sunshine” or “Hello Sunshine”…
    Great post short and sweet, warm and funny. Plus the added bonus of a wonderful reminder…For me anyway. πŸ™‚

      1. Ooh, he had a guitar? This changes the game. Men with guitars have special privileges about being able to use words like ‘sunshine’ without undertones, as they have musical powers!

  7. 1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. If yes, then change #2. to no.
    4. No, unless only men start responding, in which case you have to change #2. back to yes and make this one yes, too.
    5. Probably.

    Those were probably rhetorical questions in the first place, but good thoughts.

  8. 6. You should make smiling at strangers a regular practice, because it reminds everyone you pass that they are actually people – Instead of cogs in a machine.

    There are two kinds of people that I generally remember more than 5 minutes:

    The first group are the idiots from whom stupid radiates like rays of the sun.

    The second group are the people who genuinely smile and radiate “niceness” toward me, for no other reason than we are both travelers on the road through life.

    The first group far outnumber the second group. The second group makes the first group tolerable.

  9. HAhaha. Too funny. Never know how nice is too nice when there are FREAKS out there!
    Yesterday, I was waiting for my lunch order when some guy politely asked if he could join me. AFTER he sat down. Womp, womp!

  10. Steven S. Walsky says:

    If a pretty woman, who I did not know, smiled at me, I would assume she was flirting and was interested; it would be especially nice if I thought she was buying the box of Thin Mints for me πŸ™‚ However, β€œHi there sunshine.” was a lame pick-up line, and I doubt he would appreciate Thin Mints.

  11. “Never smile at a crocodile
    No, you can’t get friendly with a crocodile
    Don’t be taken in by his welcome grin
    He’s imagining how well you’d fit within his skin.
    Never smile at a crocodile,
    Never dip your hat and stop to talk awhile,
    Never run, walk away, say good-night, not good-day,
    Clear the aisle but never smile at Mister Crocodile.”
    -Peter Pan (also done by the Muppets, or so I’m led to believe).

  12. Definitely keep smiling! People desperately need your smile, whether they know it or not. We all need to encounter and witness – and give – more kindness in this world.

    I think he was just being pleasant and nice, and just responding to you being pleasant and nice. If he didn’t turn around and follow you, then it was ok! I hope you’re feeling better today, also!

  13. Nice πŸ™‚

    Keep smiling at people, it’s a nice thing to do and makes everyday life nicer.

    And even if some people think the appropriate answer to a smile is a pick-up line, it still doesn’t negate all the niceness of a smile πŸ™‚

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