At The Movies With Girl On The Contrary

This weekend, I decided to push my fear limits by watching a movie I knew contained aliens in it, so Captain Thoughtful and I rented Battleship. Girl on the Contrary commentary in 5..4..3..2..1..

Ok Liam Neeson, you get one more chance from me. Umm, why don’t we ever here about these scientific developments that are probably going to get us killed by aliens? They need to warn us about this shiz. Wait. Are these real scientific developments? Because that guy is talking in an English accent so I’m inclined to believe whatever he is saying. WHOA. Tim Riggins is in this? And Eric from Trueblood? Jackpot! Dude- Tim Riggins and Eric are brothers- so far, I really like this movie. Hey! Don’t taze Tim Riggins bro! Landry is in this movie too??? It’s like a Friday Night Lights reunion on a battleship!! You know  something? I bet $10 that Liam Neeson changes his mind about Tim Riggins by the end of this movie. I have a feeling Tim Riggins will come through in the end. Rhianna, this is not an exercise, it’s ALIENS!!!! Prepare yourself. Man. Aliens are the worst, the just killed Eric the vampire. The jokes on them though because Tim Riggins is out for revenge. NOOOOOOOO! Damn it. They’re going to show real aliens- not just robots. This is becoming increasingly terrifying. Hey. People. Listen up: Whenever you think the alien is dead HE IS NOT, he is alive and he will try to kill you when he wakes up. Let’s learn some lessons here. See? I knew Landry would help save the day. Landry is the best! Yay! They have a plan! They have a plan to kill the aliens!!! Huzzah! Now, that’s what I call solar power (Get it? Because they use the sun to kill some aliens.) Bada Bing! What? They’re getting the USS Missouri back in action! THAT. IS. AWESOME. And they’re enlisting actual WWII veterans to help them man it and kill the aliens!! THAT. IS. EVEN. MORE. AWESOME. YES!!!!! Take that aliens! WWII vets are coming for you! Huzzah! We win!

And so does Liam Neeson, because I have totally forgiven him for The Grey. He is definitely back in my good graces. You guys, I feel like this movie got panned by critics, but I’m not even going to lie- I LOVED IT. Seriously, even though aliens scare me half to death, I was so into this movie that I was able to put my fears aside and get super amped by this movie. I thought the writing was actually pretty clever, and a lot of the jokes were tongue in cheek making fun of themselves and I quite liked it. Also, they used actual WWII vets and an actual veteran who had lost both his legs and he got to punch an alien in the face and was just an all around bad ass. This movie is pretty much the definition of bad ass and I loved it. I can’t believe I’m saying that but it’s true. I loved Battleship.


20 thoughts on “At The Movies With Girl On The Contrary

  1. You know, if I were an alien civilization planning to invade Earth, I would find and take out all the movie stars first. They always seem to be able to foil even the most advanced technology.

  2. My husband and I have an at home date to watch this tonight. I’m a big fan of alien movies of any kind and a REALLY big fan of Eric from True Blood. (I hope I at least get to see him with his shirt off before he bites it!)

  3. I saw a LOT of DVD previews for this movie, on TV, this weekend! I am definitely digging the weird submarine/alien/house music that plays over the trailers, and I may be willing to give it a chance…but only because YOU liked it, and I consider you a reliable opinion (don’t laugh! I’m being serious!) 🙂

  4. I still can’t watch this movie because Rihanna’s in it. I WANT to watch it, I really do. It is a movie I would see – if almost any other woman except Rihanna (or Penelope Cruz) was playing the role. I don’t know, maybe I’ve just pigeon-holed her. I noticed that you only squeezed her into the middle, so either the guys are that “distracting”, or she has a fairly small role. I think it’s more the former (also because she’s still listed third on the IMDb cast list)…

    As much as I’d love to take your enthusiasm and use it to drive myself to see this flick, I think it might be a while before I set eyes on it. Still, I’m looking forward to more “reviews” from you!

    1. It was so awesome. I feel like you MUST see it! And honestly, Rhianna’s part is small but she’s pretty badass in it. Not the greatest actress to ever hit the silver screen but I actually liked her character quite a bit. Give it chance….c’mon….peer pressure….

  5. Seems like you and I both watched that movie yesterday and I also loved it from start to finish. Best movie I’ve watched in a while. Also loved that the amputee got to kick some a$$ and the WWII vets got to kick some as well. Very exciting seeing those vets and the Mighty MO back in action. And that move he made with the anchor… brilliant!!! Not like I didn’t see it coming when he pointed the guns to the side, though. Loved it!

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