Thank You “Bros” On The Elevator.

Yesterday, I found myself on an elevator with about 6 guys and no other women. Sorry, not guys, I think they prefer to be called “bros” because that’s how they kept referring to each other. The next 45 seconds were the most difficult of my life, because I had to listen to their conversation without laughing hysterically.

Bro 1: What are you doing tonight bro? Hitting up the bars?

Bro 2: Nah bro, I’m going for a run.

Bro 1: Yeah. I feel ya. I went for a run last night, really pushed my limits.

Bro 3: Wait. You bros aren’t going to Third Base to get your drink on?

Bro 1: No, why are people hitting up Third Base?

Bro 2: Yeah, I heard about that but I wasn’t sure who was going. Anyone good?

Bro 3: Just a few bros from the office, but it should be a good time. They have hot waitresses.

Bro 4, 5,6: Bro. We’re all going. It’s like, a whole thing.

Bro: 2: Suck. I’m going for a run tonight.

Bro 3: How long you going for bro?

Bro 2: I’m thinkin a fiver bro. I just need to run, you know?

Then, they all got off the elevator and as soon as the elevator door closed, I started laughing and I didn’t stop until I got into my car. After a long day at work, I need that laugh. Thank you “bros” on the elevator. Thank you.

54 thoughts on “Thank You “Bros” On The Elevator.

  1. I saw a t-shirt that said “bro ain’t got no ho but no bro needs a ho'” and on the back, “Bro’s on top of Bro’s…” it was a gangsta gay pride shirt. Brilliant!!

  2. This is so great (scary great, but great). Peppermeister does this thing to make fun of guys like this where he puts ‘bro’ into other words randomly when he’s talking to his male friends. (I just asked him for an example and he said, “Teddy Bro-sevelt.”)

  3. Thank you, “sis,” for always amusing me.

    I thought I should let you know that I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award (another to add to your collection, if you haven’t already). Some of my blog heroes are not into reciprocation, and that’s cool if you wind up not doing it. But I at least thought I should confirm the fact that you rock my socks.

  4. tulziscooking says:

    I’ve heard conversation like that. Then there were times when they would call each other ‘cuz’…. short for cousin

  5. juliamarisa9 says:

    The bros are everywhere, absolutely everywhere – I think something should be invented to immunize yourself from the situation you’re in when surrounded by such bros. Some sort of bro spray. because lets face it, each time its a cause for laughter – and unfortunately mine is less controllable than yours.

    Love the post!

  6. I feel your pain. I had the “pleasure” of sitting in front of two bros on the train the other day. EVERY SINGLE COMMENT had ‘bro’ in it. They were talking about how one bro needed to grow up and take on some more responsibility, bro, because other bros just won’t respect a bro who doesn’t pull his own weight. You know, bro?

  7. “This is the burden we bear, brother. We have a gig that inevitably would cause any girl living to think that we are cool upon cool. Yet we must Clark Kent our way through the day never to use it to our advantage. Thank God we’re pretty.” -Forest, BTVS.

  8. Wow, I love it. This is the stuff I’m looking for in my curlbros, etc blog. If they were at the gym, I would definitely exploited that conversation. This is a different bred of male.

  9. I’m enjoying a laugh this morning thanks to the “bros”, too (and you, of course1). I love that I am feeling old at the thought of “hitting up” just about anything this evening, other than the PTO meeting. Pfftt!

  10. That is FUNNY! Thanks for sharing.

    I’m convinced my conversations with my coworkers (we’re girls) must give people a chuckle. We’re either random, blunt, or just wacky.

  11. The Smile Scavenger says:

    I just love the elevator encounters! I work 11 flights up.

    I have a really awesome coworker who happens to own a trench coat. These 2 “bros” waiting for the elevator had seen him and were making fun of him right in front of me (unaware that I work with and am friends with him).

    Tool 1: Did you see Neo from the Matrix, dude?
    Tool 2: Yeah, man. What’s up with the trench coat?
    Me: Oh, you mean [name].
    Tool 1: You know that guy?
    Me: Yes, I do. He’s actually a really cool guy. And we don’t have a dress code, so it’s nice working with people who aren’t all dressed exactly the same. You know, like empty suits? [pointedly staring at their clothes]
    Tool 1: Well, what do you guys do over there anyway?
    Me: Cybersecurity.
    Tool 1: Oh.

    [elevator arrives – they go down ONE floor]
    Me: Wow. You guys really took the elevator to go down one floor? [raise eyebrow; doors close]

  12. eamoncdoyle says:

    Ugh… (deep and resigned sigh) Coming from a guy who works in a male-dominated, downtown type of office building, let me tell you how exhausting it is to have to participate in these conversations…

  13. This cracked me up! Yesterday, I saw a bro wearing a t-shirt that said, “Don’t bro me if you don’t know me,” and I haven’t been able to get that d@mn phrase out of my head! šŸ™‚

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