Weddings Are Hilarious.

Here are some wedding thoughts from Captain Thoughtful. Because Captain Thoughtful has lots of thoughts y’all.

Thoughts from Captain Thoughtful…

Taking wedding preparations and planning very seriously, I have watched many a wedding show with Girl on the Contrary.  We are beyond excited for our big day!  Some of these shows have left me feeling that some people aren’t as excited as we are.  These are the conclusions I came to:

1.     TLC is purposefully trying to make Canadians seem as awful as possible.  I smell a producer who had a bad experience in the great white north (See Four Weddings: Canada).

2.     Anyone who complains about another culture’s wedding traditions and/or ceremonies should be flogged.

3.     If you bring a small army to help you find the perfect wedding dress, you might as well be preparing for trench style warfare.

4.     Yelling at your bridal consultant is clearly the best way to get top notch service and find your dream dress. Except it isn’t.

5.     Scheduling your rehearsal dinner on December 21, 2012 shouldn’t be a risky thing to do.  I’m looking at you Mayans…

This has been thoughts from Captain Thoughtful.

17 thoughts on “Weddings Are Hilarious.

  1. I think you have a keeper and if he’s as thoughtful when your first anniversary comes around, I don’t think you have to worry that you’ll be unwrapping a toaster. 🙂

  2. What’s this about Canadians and weddings? I had three of them (weddings, not Canadians–married a Scotsman, a New Zealander, and an American), so am a connoisseur of Canadian weddings. All three were completely different from each other and all three were wonderful. Hope your wedding will be as much fun.

    1. There is a show called Four Weddings: Canada where 4 different brides go to each other’s weddings and judge them, there is also an American version but CT noticed that the Canadian version seemed way meaner and he decided it was just a producer trying to put Canada in a bad light.

      Thanks for the well wishes! We are definitely planning on having a blast! 🙂

  3. The Smile Scavenger says:

    “Yelling at your bridal consultant is clearly the best way to get top notch service and find your dream dress. Except it isn’t.” –for some bizarre reason, people try this approach with all sorts of customer service.

  4. Such fun memories this brings up of my own wedding planning…all of which, 20 years has put into a whole new perspective. As in, why didn’t we just fly off to a tropical island and say our “I do’s” on a beach? Just kidding…lots of luck with the planning!

      1. One of my “children’s” (ages 26,30 and 32) all-time favorite movies was
        “The Princess Bride!” We also like although minus a wedding, “Love Actually.”
        Last but not least, “Father of the Bride” is a fun movie. Thinking and wishing
        you lots of fun along the ride to the altar!

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