My Boggart Theory.


Riddikulus Shirt
For real though, I’m buying this shirt.

I have a new theory in life- things that scare and intimidate you are just boggarts. As such, when you come across these things or these people, you must laugh at them. They must become a joke in your mind, thereby freeing you from the fear and intimidation. Also, if you point a wand at it/them and scream “Riddikulus!” that’s probably pretty effective too.

Just a theory.


45 thoughts on “My Boggart Theory.

  1. popcornzoe says:

    You’re a genius. I wonder if this applies to the mountains of first-week homework… Or perhaps I’ll just incendio them.

  2. I never heard the term “boggart.” Is it like a boogey man? At first, I thought you meant Humphrey Bogart. Or holding on to something like in Easy Rider. “Don’t bogart that joint. So what is a “boggart”?

  3. I embrace this outlook and applaud the pointing of your wand and decreeing “Riddikulus!” I shall implement this straight away. =) In fact, I think this deserves a share on Facebook. =P

  4. “I love to laugh
    Loud and long and clear
    I love to laugh
    It’s getting worse every year

    The more I laugh
    The more I fill with glee
    The more the glee
    The more I’m a merrier me
    The more I’m a merrier me.”
    -Mary Poppins.

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