Episode 3 of Saved By The Bell: Fully Loaded and Super New and BOOM.

Lisa Turtle

Title: Lisa Eats Somebody.

Synopsis: Lately, Lisa Turtle has been coming to school late, not doing her homework, avoiding her friends, and worst of all- wearing clothes that are totally out of style. Something is up, but the gang isn’t sure what it is. What they do know, is that this isn’t the Lisa Turtle they know and love. When Kelly and Jessie try to talk to Lisa about what is going on, she accuses them of being “buzzkills” and punches a hole through a car door. Lisa is getting strong. Very strong. But she doesn’t look any different, with the exception of her rapidly declining fashion sense. Everyone is worries so they start taking turns monitoring Lisa’s every move. No one notices anything too weird until one night, when Zack sees Lisa eating….a person. Is Lisa addicted to bath salts? Or is it something even more sinister????

Spoiler: Lisa isn’t addicted to bath salts, she’s a vampire. Who can walk in the daytime (because apparently that’s a thing vampires can do now-a-days) and is still struggling with all the normal high school stuff, like managing her homework and her avoiding people wearing crosses. Once the gang realizes what’s going on, they help Lisa cope with her new life and set her up with animal blood from the veterinary clinic Kelly volunteers at. Then, everyone gets milkshakes at The Max. (Except Lisa of course)

Favorite Episode Quotes: “You guys, that guy is totally my type. Type O negative that is.”

12 thoughts on “Episode 3 of Saved By The Bell: Fully Loaded and Super New and BOOM.

  1. rosemeritr00th says:

    nicely done! i was surprised the next morning when while watching “Saved By The Bell” everything Lisa said i connected too the content of this blog haha !

  2. continuously brilliant!! I was excited to see this in my inbox and am pleased to say the expectation was only topped by my delight in the reading. Looking forward to the next instalment πŸ™‚

  3. And the girls all decide to start a nail polish line using colors and names that are all like vampire and blood related? And um..they’ll sell them to make money for the cheerleading team’s competition in St. Paul.

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